New into NAP, need advise please

Hello, I did the NAP rituals and worked with Nitika, the thing is I feel weird, like tired or stressed and I can’t shake this feeling, has this ever happened to you? Also how do I tell Nitika “Thank you but I no longer need your help, go for now?” I mean not that I judge but demons aren’t really my thing so I think I shouldn’t mess with stuff I do not know well…so how do I say “thanks but no thanks?” is there a safe way or they’re gonna be pissed?

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Hi. Welcome to the forum.

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Nitika is powerful angel,djinn.When you performing NAP you should know there are other angel who are assisting and opening the ritual. When you finish meditate for a while if you want to be a friend with him,if you don’t have a time for that just say “ thank you” and do your things.


Close the ritual with the Dee-Hay-Tooth (given in the book). It seals the rite off and lets te Spirits know it is done (if you feel the need to do so)
Or, like @princessofdarkness said, spend some time with the Spirit after the ritual.