Ben Woodcroft mistake in Angelic Sigils, Keys, & Calls?

In Ben Woodcrofts book Angelic Sigils, Keys & calls Ben suggests to end the magical ceremony by saying three times the words Ha-yah Haw-yeh and Yee-yeh. According to Ben these words mean in hebrew “was”, “is” and “shall become”. I decided to do some research and found out that Ha-yah means “shall become” not “was” and the remaining words Haw-yeh and Yee.yeh I could not find at all. Can someone clarify, did Ben get the translation wrong?



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Thank you @Etidor appreciated and welcome :slight_smile:

Regarding your question, you’ll find many different translations for the O.T and the words used in it. I recommend that you use the words and meanings given by the author. They already researched them long enough and decided that this is the most accurate.

For example, officially you’ll find that YHVH is the name of God in Hebrew. But you’ll also find many who believe that this is wrong translation and the correct name is Hayah. So they’re not only debating about the meanings but also major issues regarding each word. Especially when it comes to the names of God.

Most important is the meaning you have in mind, not the actual words, your intention is what matters.


Hi PrinceX, Yes I agree, but in this instance Ha-yah is translated by Ben to “was” and everywhere I look it translates to “will become”. And Haw-yeh and Yee-yeh I can´t find in the hebrew language at all. Just curious if anyone has noticed this and if there is an explanation. I would like to ask Ben myself but can´t find any contact info. I agree that it is the intention that matters in the end. I am just puzzled since Bens translation of that expression is the complete opposite.

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You probably won’t be able to contact him directly. You can check their website-blog and from there you’ll find their facebook group. You can contact them there or ask other members if they know the answer.

But in my point of view, don’t let that stop you from using the system. You can use them anyway, or correct them if you believe they’re wrong translations. It won’t affect the outcome.

I am thinking of changing them to plain english “was”, “is” and “will be”. Everyting else makes sense in this book (given one can trust the attributes Ben gives to each angle) except for these three frases.

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Sounds good enough. Anyway you translate the meaning to your own language no matter which one is used by the author. Give it a try. This part of the system is just to warm you up mentally and emotionally… the part that creates the desired effect takes place after that and Angels respond to your intention more than the words or language you use. English words should work great in my opinion.

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wow, very well put. Thanks PrinceX.

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