New person, new problem

So…had a voice in my head a long time. Had no idea who he was. After someone close did some digging, turn s out to be set. Not sure 1) how to handle that as a man of science. 2) what to do about this in the slightest. It terrifies me. I don’t believe in the supernatural or religion, yet I fact checked. Everything is backed up solidly. Depending on the variation of his story you believe.


The best answer is to check out the sites search engine at the upper right dashboard and the magnifying glass :mag_right:. You can find many threads that could lead to you solving your problem.

Please do a proper introduction to the forum, tell us a little more about yourself and your magical interests, background and experiences, it is a BALG rule.

Check out this link:

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@Seloth Well then, it could be Set. Especially since that voice is so strong within you and you feel that kinds of energies (which is a Set way of doing thing as far as I hear…got it? No? Sorry…).

Anyway, I suggest you summon him and talk to him about it and any other things you may want to discuss with him. If you need any help (or have any questions) regarding some basic stuff, make sure you check out the BALG FAQ: BALG Forum FAQ By Members, For New Members (and old members)

(Also, make sure you introduce yourself, as stated above, it’s one of the forum rules.)

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Welcome to the forum and the world of magic. The world contains alot more than science is willing to accept.
You should have received some starter meditations to help get your magic off the ground. Develop your abilities and then evoke the entity: best if luck to you.