Im new need help? (duke sallos)


i wanted to summon duke sallos for his assistance.
im totally new at this can someone help me out…

i dont have an private room to do a ritual or a place private enough to do it… im currently working outside my counrty and im not solo in my room (company accommodation) i cant even use candles since its not allowed here in my accommodation like theres a fire alarm everywhere and the security check every room every hour… is there any way to reach duke sallos? how? pls help me a step by step guide for my situation…

(sorry for my english hope u understand it :frowning: )

Please post an introduction in the Intro thread and tell us a bit about yourself. It is one of the rules of this forum.

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sorry ok ill do it thanks for letting me know

Friend I’ll tell you this! If you can get outside somewhere and draw his sigil and go somewhere you can chant his name for awhile(charge the sigil with your intent) I bet he will come. Just get somewhere where you can be alone. I did it in my car once haha.

State what you would like help with and be thankful and kind. And be sure to say what you can do for him. May take a few times but he makes it distinct. He’s my favorite Goetia Diety.
Hail Duke Sallos !

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done… sorry again and thanks for letting me know…

is it ok if ill just download duke sallos sigil in google? im currently here in some middle east country and its not that easy to say (drawing somewhere) with lots of cctv around the only place that doesn’t have a cctv is the washroom which i think its not respectful to summon any demons…

I am losing the plot - read your emails and follow the tutotials


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