Help evoking Dra'talon

Hello! I know this easy to asi but what’s the best way to evoke Dra’talon? I need his help to get rid of an enemy and I’ve been reading a lot of the post here but they don’t seem to share the way they evoked him. I read about a funeral rite but Is that the way to evoke Dra’talon?
I have the book of Azazel but I can’t seem to find how to do it, can someone help me?
I want to do this right, so I would like to know the best time to do it? Best offer that he might like, how many candles? What color? In your experiences how have you done it?

Thank you for your help


@Eye_of_Ra right up your alley.

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First go here and say hello please, if you have not done so already.

Have a look over these and welcome.

Nothing really special about evoking him, just having his sigil, his name and some kind of manifestation base, incense, a black mirror/bowl of water, darkness etc.
Best time? At night.
Best offer that he might like? Dra’talon cares for nothing accept the suffering and death he brings, so a promise from you to summon him again to end someone else is the only thing he really wants.
How many candles? Enough to see the sigil with.
What color? Black is the default color for all baneful workings.

My experiences with him, if i’m indoors he always shows up behind me then moves to the southwest corner, if outside same but he’ll move to the darkest area available, i’ve also noticed a rapid decrease in temperature during the ritual that can linger for about an hour after it’s done, it’s also probably best to keep all communication with his as short and to the point as you can, remember he’s nobody’s friend, he’s the very definition of stone-cold killer so always keep that in mind when working with him.

So call him up, tell him who you want dead then dismiss him, make a note of it, then forget you ever did the evocation and let him work, easy peasy lemon squeezy.

And last remember Dra’talon works very slowly so don’t expect your enemy to die right away, death is an afterthought and a blessing compared to the agony he well make them go through.


First things first, stop worrying about how many candles are used and what colour they are; it doesn’t actually matter. The questions to ask are " should I use a sigil", “will an offering help” and things of that nature.
So to answer those, yes I’d recommend using a sigil as it’s often easier when you’re new to evocation. Offerings are largely up to you, though it’s always nice to offer a spirit something in return for their time. The actual time of casting doesn’t matter, just evoke at whatever time suits you.
A basic evocation method is to make a circle of candles, sit in the circle and charge up the Sigil while calling out to the spirit. This is just an easy jumping off point, for those unsure where to start, I suggest you make a method that best suits your preferences.


Thank you so much for your reply! It’s a big help, i was worried about what could be enough to offer him so that he would agree but offering someone else again seems to be worth it, also, i want to send him to this woman, but she has a witch helping her curse me using Djinns and strong spells, so as you said he takes his time, my only worry is that what if she finds out, or the witch she’s working perceive it and try to get him back at me? How can I make him stay “loyal” to me and not to try and get back at me if they offer him something? I wouldn’t worry if it was a quick kill but as it takes time I could only imagine that they would know as soon as she started to get bad luck and try to remove him. Do you have an idea what can I do in this case?

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Thank you for your help! Yes I was thinking of using his sigil that’s why I didn’t ask about it. Also, is there a way or an offering for him to stay “loyal” to me? As in to not accept if the other person tries to get him back at me?

the description that you wrote about him is very interesting,it made me want to work with him,can you share the sigil? if you don’t mind

That’s his sigil