Is there a way to give someone nightmares

My roomate/ boyfriend’s best friend is an inconsiderate and spoiled jerk. (Example. His family moves place to place but he was given every form of technology, mountains of food and sweets, and any clothes. He was given a truck. He was even offered by his mom to live in their newest house, which is has an apartment-like lower portion with everything youd ever need included. Paid in full by his parents. As long as he went to college, which would also be paid by them. And he scoffed and threw it back in their faces that he didnt want to live with them. But he calls me privelaged. Purely because i lived in a large nice house. But my parents were dead broke 99% of the time. I had to babysit my older brothers. I barely had technology. And everything i own was of my own hard work. And my dad was a drunk and mom a general abuser.)

So today he was blatantly lying about his back hurting so he could be lazy. Well I got stuck on the floor i’m sick with a respitory infection and found myself too weak to stand after i sat on the floor for a moment. My boyfriend is also sick so he asked him to help me. He threw a tantrum. Boyfriend was going to let him off the hook. After 10 minutes of me sitting there (i decided to forceably sigh in annoyance) roomate mocked me. When my boyfriend asked me why i was still on the floor i explained that I literally could not get up (i was sore, my muscles were tired, and my hands have been swollen and tender all day because i am apparently allergic to Amoxicillin.) Boyfriend, very annoyed, yelled at roomate to get up and help me. (Boyfriends mom has a lot of issues that make it where she is trapped on the floor. So he takes these situations very seriously.) Roomate sighed. Got up in a pissy mood. As he picked me up I thanked him but then he shoved me and walked off threatening “Yeah, you’ll see when I dont get up for work in the morning.”

Enough is enough. He needs a christmas carol moment. I want to give him vivid nightmares about his terrible self to try and change him. Is it possible?


He needs MUCH more than nightmares


The Archangel Dumah is an angel of the wicked dead, and he’s also associated with dreams, maybe he can do it?



Would be very interested to see if anyone does have a ritual for this, sounds like something I’d love to try on a few people.


And this person is your roommate WHY? Never mind nightmares, there’s no fixing a narcissist - get rid of him he needs to be his own problem.
GIve him his notice, and make sure he goes on time with a little help from the arts… hotfoot powder has a good rep.

Try Angels of Wrath (book): to exile him, and to give him nightmares, the ‘Cause Spiritual Blindness’ sigil is perfect (it’s not how it sounds). Other choice Angels of Wrath curses: ‘Punish an Enemy’, ‘Create Insomnia’ - I rather like this book, it’s a fun read and easy to use.


I may also suggest to call Buriel to bring anxiety, nightmares, a general feeling of fear, from
Demons of Wrath by Hargrove also as said Angels of Wrath has some good solutions.

Both are good books and yes easy to read to help you to deal with that situation.


If you want to get literal about it, you could enter the astral and call to yourself an actual mara or an alp, which are the entities the Anglo-saxons and Germans credited with “Night-mares” (a mara sitting on the chest at night bringing bad dreams) or an Alptraum (same thing, traum means dream, so, Alp-dream).

Ask the mara or alp to visit the person for as may nights as you like. Job jobbed. You might want to be ready to offer it goodies, or it might be happy to take the job for the fun of it.


PM me if u want a spell to hit him with nightmares. There is no need for summoning of invoking any things, just a little magic could do this well


Can I have it ? :smiling_imp:

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Have what??

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Sometimes someone just needs a good kicking. Obviously, since you’re a lass, you wouldn’t be able to do it, but your boyfriend could.
Aside from that, craft a servitor and send it to harass him.


that spell that can explode nightmares


Do u really need it?

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I want to punish my ex…enough?


Sure, pm me


hi can u tell me how i can give nightmare to someone without evoking demons?
thnx :grinning: :grinning:

hi can u give me that nightmare curse??
thnx :grinning:

Hey. Can you tell me bout the spell without spiruts and invoking!

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