New to succubus, help!

Hello everyone! I started my spiritual practice almost a year ago and I also had a spiritual awakening 4 months ago, which is great, I have also done lot of healing with myself and the past while traveling(which Iam still doing). So I have been feeling really confident and
strong in myself lately but last night I think one of these succubus chosed me, I felt this enormous pleasure all night until just had to stop it in order to understand what the hell was going on! I searched on this and got scared as hell! All religous beliefs and all that. But the succubus is very friendly to me, gives me compliments and helps me alot, but it may just be manipulation(?) I also felt like a fight between my spiritual self and the succubus, perhaps because all the reading of it being so wicked, I dont know… I still feel strong but I am so confused and how Should I approach this, I dont want to lose my spiritual self, and it also kinda feel like a fight between the ego, the succubus and the spiritual self/guide/guardian angels… Perhaps it is just the belief of What it is thats gonna dictate What it is going to become… scared, confused and in dire need of help, thanks. I did not ask for this

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Ok will do