Astral self defense

I haven’t been able to go through my roof in years. Things always want to hinder and prevent me from going anywhere pleasant in my dreams/astral experiences. Sometimes I can barely move. Once it looked like I hadn’t even fallen asleep in the process. Like I dreamt an entire attack on me while awake. I used to could go anywhere, except people would always wake me up before I could get far enough from my body for things to really get interesting. But if I hadn’t been woken, I felt that I would have been on my way to a divine and enlightening experience. The dangling of such spiritual promise before me was years further back than I even care to remember. But now my dreams are all about disempowering me. How do I combat this?


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I can guarantee you that you’re being drained and that you have an astral parasite sucking your energies.

Now that you’re aware of this, you have to take immediate steps to snipe the little fuck before he can take any more energy.

He will try to keep you lethargic and drained so that you don’t feel ready to take action. Don’t read or view anything that can make you feel strong negative emotions or that may keep you feeling spaced out.

First, see if there is anyone here that can remove the entity for you.

To be honest, I don’t have a lot of knowledge about this myself, but I know that banishing, cleansing, and saltwater baths are good for removing negative energies.

The difficulty of removing astral parasites varies depending on the parasite, so I don’t know how powerful your parasite is.

Evoke a Saturnian entity or one of the Angelic Healers to smash the little fucker, go on the offensive and make sure he’s dead.

Robert Bruce’s psychic defense handbook, Jason Miller’s defense guide, and Khi Armand’s protection book have techniques that can help you.

Damon Brand’s magickal defense book has a master protection ritual that may work for long-term defense.

Can help you in more detail.


I used to make Ouija boards and put them to use in the closet of my room. This house has long been haunted before that. But it got worse after that all those years ago. This was before I even knew about astral projection or lucid dreams. The attack on me that was its realest happened the night I watched E.A Koetting’s vid on a demon hunting him. I had no choice but to use his method, and when I woke it was more like just returning from a psychedelic trip. Like I didn’t have to open my eyes to wake up, just my vision became a lot more normal after the thing left. I vaguely recall using his method again, and it not working so well, if at all. I’ve called upon Lilith and she helped pull me further than I usually get from this place. First by flooding my vision with more darkness and then for some reason I felt that I had no choice but to breathe in this essence that was the only light in sight. I started shooting out with her and I was told to stick my head out into the surrounding darkness round the tunnel. I did, but I guess it was too distracting when I did so then I was back to trying to fight things in my room.

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Also I have a constant negativity within me, as a reflection of how I perceive the world. My perception of god and angels as spoiled beings with their chins up in the air, unwilling to help me or others who have it much worse. And my perception of people as shallow thinkers who do not care for one another.

Nonetheless, thank you, I really didn’t know there were forums on this site until tonight that I could converse with other occultists through, and all help is greatly appreciated, thank you^^

@KillGod Ave. If you need assistance with banishing the astral leech please let me know.

Oh yeah, but I cant say that I think its only one, or that I think they’re all amateurs…


But to even take down one of them would be the shit. I often try to entice them to fight me physically, and sometimes lunge or swing at them when I am, I wish I could make it physical.

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My first thought was have you made any changes to your meditations, energy exercises etc? Some currents also seem to favour astral travel more than others. Stale or negative energies lingering in your room could also cause this, so you might want to look at a simple cleansing ritual.
It’s possible that something is draining you, but I’d recommend we look at your practices before examining potential outside problems.

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Numerous. I’m new even to familiarity with evocation, invocation, left hand, and right hand magick. I tried the black sun meditation for two or 3 times, but the other night in defiance I pictured intertwining suns of many colors, fractal patterns, I wanted to make the method my own under the assumption that to do so would produce my own results. I may have even skipped a night. I go back and fourth from acceptance to defiance in this field so new to me. But I also have inner negativity, which I think of as necessary. If you feel negative, why pretend that you don’t? Why try to sway yourself into peace, when you could be dealing with the meat locker of your consciousness? That attitude is not so new to me. But for real, my place is haunted, has been probably for decades longer than I’ve been here. I know the house isn’t that old, but with my experience here, your house being newer than the land does not protect you from that which was already there. And I probably hyper-accelerated it by playing Ouija here Id say 6-8 years ago. I started scrying recently with home-made scrying mirrors, and theyre poorly made enough, that I have to have it pretty dark, to get that consistentcy of black tone in it that I want. So that I cant see the difference between the paint that stuck to the glass due to my impatience and assumption it had dried, and the blackness behind that which is stuck to the glass. I try to forgive myself of past deeds, but my mind strays to the idea that perhaps I just need a rebirth to be my best self. Like I change, so I’m not the same person, but if all is one then what does that make the present in relation to the past? I have an ever-growing reserve of wrath on behalf of what others do. But I want to be brutally honest with myself, so why let go of that?

Why cast out the inner-negative that arises from indignation? Toward self or others? Sometimes you can change your emotions by enhancing your understanding of what our feeling about, but I don’t seek the truth to feel good, I seek it to know, and to act on my knowledge, be it self destructive action or not. I don’t belong in this world so even doing the right thing is self destructive and I’m willing to take on the consequences, because if I yield at all to the threat of consequences, what is god-like about that? I don’t want to hurt people, but I do. Just those who want to hurt people unfairly. Id like to know that nobody can fuck with me…because people always fucked with me. I could go on, but its beginning to make me sick. Often I just think I should die, not even for shit I’ve done, but just to drop out of this wretched life-as I see it when in that line of thought…when in that line of thought, its not outside of the realm of possibility that life is a waste of my time. I carry much negativity. Id like to be rid of it, but I would not like to do it by means of denial, or turning my head to just ways I think in general. Lest I change like I’m adopting a religion. I don’t even like to drink, cus I don’t want to be numb, but a couple weeks ago-
I guess that’s when- I knew that if I didn’t numb myself at least somewhat, I would keep beating myself up and be unable to think logically like I wanted. But always saw the desire to self numb as a weakness. I’m more prone to doing that with tobacco. Also Im always trying to open my third eye. Try not to eat meat or dairy, don’t drink tap water, theres a lot I don’t do now that I used to, and I don’t particularly miss those activities

It was just my two cents on the matter, take it for what it’s worth. At the end of the day, it’s no skin off my nose if your problem persists.
Honestly the thing to bear in mind is that even curses aren’t comprised of true negative energy, they often carry negative will, but the energy isn’t inherently poisonous. It’s like difference between desire and obsessive lust; the prior motivates while the latter will only destroy you.
From what you’ve written, it sounds like you’re wallowing in your own failings. As a sorcerer you have control over every aspect of your life; if you fail at something, are conned, betrayed etc, it is your fault and yours alone. Although this sounds fairly negative, it also means its completely within your power to change any aspect of your life you’re not content with. Life is like a soft putty and you can mould it into what ever you like.


That desire to not let go of the negativity comes from the parasite, not you!

Not even the darkest of magicians do what you do! They get results! You don’t!

Kill this thing as quickly as possible!


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Do you yourself know how to KILL such things?

No insult was intended- in case any were inferred-and what your saying makes some sense to me, in that I think the malleability of life is probably one of the worlds best kept secrets, perhaps even THE best kept secret…but that raises more questions to my mind. Why is life always treated as hard? Made to be hard? How does one pull back the veil and see through the illusion?

To me the ability to banish is impressing, but killing them, do you know how to do that?

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Evoke entities from the sphere of saturn and will them to destroy the entities around you sucking your energies.

Take a cup of water. Put some salt in. Put a plate on the top. Take the plate with one hand and the bottom of the cup with another.

Shake it, and order the leeches to go into the water. Throw it out of your body. Throw out the water when you’re done, don’t touch it.

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