Information on Archangel Michael

I know this is an old thread but may I ask what book this is with his sigils?

Michael’s sigils I got from the internet.
If you’re talking about Mihael’s sigil, it’s from a german book: Lysir: Engel, Angelistische Mächte der Erzengel und der Malachim Band1


Thank you :slight_smile:

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Untrue this is a badass sight and these pwople know what theyre talking about. Im surprised now what theyre saying is true cause i called on miguel /mochael and he worked for me but i cant seem to see or hear or feel his protection anymore but i do see his protection for the two people i love work. And then the santa muerte holy death saved my daughtwr from being wrongfully drowned to death by my aunt and i do tarot cards so im destined to figure out why michael aint been trying to really let me see him nor even what kind of good protection spells o can hurry and do for me and my family of three . my lifes hard im a twon i was supposed to die but here i am probably supposed to have herpes too but i probably dont now cause of something i found put i can do. … My pee stopped burning every morning … Uh my grandma told me about how she dreamed of michael showing tleling her what r you doing this late and was asking her cause there was anothwr angel vetting ready to rape someone by this palm tree and had toook off her clothes well she killed him or something
Funny cause mfs have tried do some bad stuff to me lately … And i got protected and was vranted reversal of a hex by someone who knows santeria their black and green candle performance comes to show me my life getting back to normal and my mind my knowledge i was ripped from this past year… Now me and my man see how pur relationship always shpuldve been the love we felt for eachother most realest than ever.

How do u see him or hear him or tlak w him i dont understand this i only am blessed with a good hand it tarot but i used his protection sword of shield spell w really good frankensese oil i got from los angeles and rememsber i forgot to continue this talk with him like confessions so he knows about me but i dont think ive contacted him n got response more than a shield in my old car and my room

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No means of disrespectful inconsistencies i am a single mother, my apologies to everyone here. I did not just pass through that but i dodnt know it was serious. Will do so, its my girls day pf the year so w all due respected ill be dping that here late or early tomorrow. Ill be glad to. Thank you @DarkestKnight

I meditated with Lucifer sigil and candle light, in hand with angel cards, I shuffle and the card that fell out to the floor was Michael.


Not my experience with him at all, he helped me and then left as if he was never involved at all. He’s only there when the situation is very dangerous and sometimes let me go through suffering


He did help though, no?

I don’t understand how this is contrary to anything I wrote.
In my experience, powerful spirits like Michael don’t usually stick around all the time for nothing. But he’s there when needed.
Also, it is a misconception that having a relationship of whatever kind with an angel, demon or whatever will grant you a life without suffering and hardships. You will always encounter new hardships throughout your life.

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i didnt know that, I thought he was associated with Mars, as the red colour

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The thing is, entities as popular and old as Michael are associated with a lot of things. When I saw he is associated with the sun, it does not mean that you are incorrect when you say he is associated with Mars.


Traditionally, Michael has never been associated with Mars. He is attributed to either the Sun or Mercury, depending on the reference material (some sources switch his correspondences with that of Raphael).

The archangel of Mars is Kamael, whose name, depending on what spelling is used, means either “Strength of God” or “Rage/Wrath of God.”


Hi yes he helped but let all my hardships stay with me and didn’t interfere whereas a demonic being pays attention to me all the time and don’t let it happen. Sorry if it had nothing to do with your subject !

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Archangel Michael arrived in a lucid dream of mine. I don’t know if it even whas a dream. Any way it was an being that treated me bad and ceept doing so until i shout out Michaels name my voice started vibrate The whole area while i chanted hos name. And wery quicly I feelt the whole surondings energies changed like a huge thunderstorm entered the room i feelt calm and safe right away.

The entity at the secound floor came face to face with the archangel i heard voices that rapedly dissapered.

Later i whas in an othere place in the dream i whas with my girlfriend and she acted realy strange as if she whas possesed and an there it came soldiers looking like from old rome or some thing started chasing us we gotan ocean and 2 of them tried to drawn her and one trying to golf me down ve couldent i dowe in the water to save my girl and then i woke up.

So i belive the army whas sent by Michael or some thing like that.

Story told by Addi.

The End

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Yep - same here.

Not someone to hang about if you have nothing to say/do - plenty of things else to be doing!

I understand that you are no longer with the forum, however, I wanted to mention that just as there are some who are trying to avoid the Abrahamic current there are some who are completely fine working it. And as such there is Great-Power in angels. There are even those who dislike working with demons and so archangel Michael might be a great choice! I just wanted to say this for others that might not know.


I personally come into problems working specifically with "well known* angels because of my disagreement with Christianity. Do you have any advice on how to get over this? I don’t like the idea of Judging angels based on something that they technically aren’t related to but they have been so ingrained as one in the same since I was a kid that it’s hard to get over.

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Well, angels are way older than Christianity. You already know that they aren’t necessarily related. I can give you simple advice like cord cutting, banishing, search function using and all that, but in the end you need to get over that link to Christianity. If you can’t and the problems you mentioned are too big, then don’t work with them.

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Thank you :heart: you always get to the heart of the problem and that’s always helpful :hugs: ill have a search around as well :heart:

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