New job contract

Just wanted to take the time to share what is turning in to be a real life story for me. A little about myself, I’m 26 college degree very intelligent. I have been stuck at a job the destroys my body. I don’t mind work but this job is tearing my body apart. So a great opening came up to apply for and I decided I wanted help. I asked mammon first and prayed to him. The next night I offered to include bune for them to work together or they could fight over who did the work for me to get the job. I must say. These past weeks have turned my world upside down with stress but the job itself is going 100% in the corporate hiring porcess and I’m about to get my start date. I’ve been agnostic most of my life but believing in these posibilities of these 2 demons aiding my fight is just really new to me. I communicated by praying and it seems to be producing promising results. I guess I live and I learn when it comes to the sacrifices I will be having to make in return for this job.



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Well it’s been rough. The sacrifices I have paid to fulfill what I desired. Mammon and bune have put me in places that should’ve failed but I continue to succeed (I am smart and I did have to work my ass off) regardless of me putting the work everything u asked for financially I am now achieving 2 years later. There’s so much to this story. Just some examples are haunting nightmares. Wife had a affair. My dog I loved soo much Developed lymphoma pretty much over night. A lot of death in the family over the past year. My financial situation still keeps going up so I don’t know if it’s over or the more I gain the more I continue to loose. They will give you access and support to get you where you need it but be prepared for severe restitution. I also dabbled in sucubus contacts along the way. A whole nother world I hope someone reads this before doing it. But with that I am forced to say this. Bune and mammon will fulfill your request. They will give you your desires. They are might they are strong. Thank you bune and mammon for what you have given me.