Asmoday good to begin?

Hello, I would like someone who has a pact with Asmoday to give me advice is it good to start with and for some personal experience impressions. Thank u.


No one can tell you no.
This type of thing is between you and the spirits.
If you feel a strong draw to one then go for it.
Maybe work together a bit before a pact is drawn up.
Just to get to know each other better.


The point is that I don’t know wether all the tests in my life are to draw me to some spirit or it is something else. I don’t feel any spirit calling me but I am looking for a way to change my life. I’m highly spiritual and Im christian. Right now I’m feeling bad emotionally and mentally because of the many storms that I’m going through and I want to change it and that’s why Im looking for different methods.


If you don’t want to deal with demons no ones gonna force you. There’s saints as well as angels as well as root work magic that relies on the psalms.
You got a lot of options here.
Yeah most here prefer demons but you can rep whatever you want.


I’d most likely try angels before demons in your position. By the way, you should propably introduce yourself in the intro topic.

I believe its still one of the few rules in this place


What others have said is good.

As for Asmodai, he’s awesome. His energy, to me, feels fiery and lightly sweet, very pleasant.

Try reading up on him - it’s called preparatory immersion. It gives you a taste of the spirit. Try also checking out his sigil to get a taste of his energy, see how it feels for you.

If you decide you’d like to try to work with him, go for it and call him, don’t fear.


If you’re comfortable working with demons, I can’t recommend him enough. Though I would work with him for a bit before making a pact. He’s been amazing to me and very patient, but not everyone is going to click well. Just like people not everyone will end up besties. Be respectful and open minded, if you make a promise keep it.