Making blood pact with lucifer

i made a pact with lucifer! i sold my soul to him first of all i summond him and him came and asked me why i want to sell my soul and i gave him the answer and him asked me how much do i want to sell it and i told him he aggreed on the price then he take me today the bank and signed a check and gave to the banker that he should send the money to my account and we left but i have not recieve they money physically since two days i want to if it is possable that i will recieve the money physically? because am worried it has been two days now i made the pact. please any body to help me?




so how did you got your own money? please.




Dude selling your soul to a demon is a Hollywood myth. Lots of noobs make the mistake so here we cringe at people who tryna sell their souls. Demons will only give u power if u deserve/work for it, no quick fix. he probably doesn’t give 2 shits about your soul no offense. Try studying up on koettings videos and the forum, and do not go on spells of, I was at your place a long time ago, you must become educated on these things and it’s a rocky road.




I was pissing myself laughing so fkn funny


Oy gevalt!

You have much to learn. Or you’re pulling our leg. Call me someone that misses the forest for the trees, but how does one deposit a check made out by Lucifer? This makes no sense.

In any case: you were fooled by an imposter. Lucifer does not accept souls. He works to empower and liberate them.

The first time I made contact with Lucifer, he refused to talk to me or have anything to do with me until I showed my sincerity and understanding. He looked at me with a smirk, as if to say, “People call on me all the time. They’re not ready or don’t know what they’re doing. Are you any different?”

Read, learn, read, learn.


so how did you got your own money? please.

We work. At our jobs. Very hard.

If you think magick or a demon is going to manifest money ex nihilo without any practical effort on your part, you’re very mistaken or will be in big trouble.


so are you telling me that it is not posable for someone to sell soul to lucifer

Yeah your soul is useless to him, selling your soul is Hollywood bullshit. In real life you gotta work hard with magic to get rich

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He has zero desire for your soul. If you don’t respect yourself enough to value yourself and your soul I can assure you he has no interest in you whatsoever.


When I first asked Bune for help, I am very new to all of this as well. I didnt ask for money to fall from the sky. I asked for guidance and help with getting me through my debt. And asked for help having my friends financial endeavors go through, as she planned on paying me back for everything I’ve ever given her and more. Money cant just manifest from nothing. You might get more help finding money as you walk down the street. Or have better financial luck as a whole. But not be the next billionaire in a split second. Unless you entered a lottery and they helped you win.


You ain’t getting no money man


Or I could be very wrong

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You know what…? I think the banker kept the money for himself… :wink:

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Also I have a question: Did Lucifer bargain the price for your soul, or did he accepted right away your price??

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How have u sold ur soul to him first

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Ok first of all there are a lot of grammatical mistakes here… I can live with that… But I died laughing reading this…
I will tell you a few things though…
One, Lucifer does NOT accept souls as offerings in any way… He would never. As almost everyone has said, it is Hollywood bullshit that you would be able to “sell your soul to the Devil” That isn’t possible… And from what I’ve learned, If you have no soul then you are dead…
Two, If what you are explaining happened and Lucifer was actually there then that was his joking aspect… He tends to joke around with people… But that depends on how long you have worked with him for…
Three, If that wasn’t Lucifer it was an imposter…
Four, You will not receive that money that you “received” From a check that Lucifer signed… Which he wouldn’t do… And that wouldn’t work… But from what happened, he was joking with you…
Five, If you want money then you need to work hard to get it like everyone else…

You’re welcome world…

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