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‘Hekate: the Liminal Rites’ by Sorita d’Este and David Rankine.

Is research oriented, non-fantastical and is the premier tome to begin a working relationship with She Who Breaks-Open the Earth.

Also, as a tangent, the book also has a chapter on the Ephesia Gramata, in case anyone is interested, which I have found to be utterly tantamount to my metaphysics, on many levels.

Might I also suggest visiting hekatecovenant.com


Has awesome grimoires published

I’d be a liar if I said she hadn’t changed my life.

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Done and done!

Can you explain more? I believe this being reached out to me in recent times. through the names Hekate and Selene. She seems like very much a Luna/Moon type of energy… also possibly a Venus type energy.

How did you perceive it was this entity reaching out?

For me, she reached out with the color Red.

Now, red can mean alot of things: tauriboliata, love, mastery of the Divine feminine through the cycles of life and death (including birth and menses).

I found myself slowly toying with the concept of the Darker aspect of the Great Goddess, whose lunar manifestation is the dark of the moon and it’s wane. I found certain books, titles, literature being thrown in my path. I felt a draw to graveyards. Within a cycle of four years I had lost as many dogs to various circumstance: car accidents, a hunting accident, and parvo.

Now, all of this was after I had made a conscious effort to reach out initially, and then had shyed away.

I understand Hekate as the culmination of the crone archetype; Selene is an epithet which has been assigned to Hekate; Hekate has been ascribed as ‘handmaid to Aphrodite’ by none other than Sappho of Lesbos (If you’re into classical poetry, I recommend Anne Carson’s translation of Sappho’s works entitled ‘If not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho’).

It may help to view Hekate as part of the Demeters (the Mothers) again as the third aspect of the cycle of femininity: Kore being the maid, and Persephone as the Grain-Bearing Mother.

If you feel She has reached out for you, ask for signs: they’ll be given. Signs for me were triangles in odd places, recurrently experiencing things native to the Hekate-Hermes-Persephone spectrum of myth (such as being accompanied one night on a walk by two female friends who had flashlights when I didn’t) or visitations by polecats ( or similar creatures such as skunks or opossums; the polecat is Sacred to Hekate) black dogs, owls, serpents or even horses.

But first, it was the color Red. Red fabrics, red inks; red cars, or people wearing red, especially women.

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And here she appears to me again. From what I know she is considered the Queen of Witches. I have not worked with her but I want to and I am taking this post as another sign of “she is calling me.”


I woke up one day to the mention of Loki and Hekate in my mind. Randomly and almost specifically. I didn’t know of either one before that though I felt like I heard of both at some point or another. The next time, I was about to begin a ritual and I heard Selene pop in my head. I feel like these associations came strong because it was around the full moon. Well, the Selene one anyway. To make it even more interesting, I was working with Hermes before either of these names came around… about a month prior. Now recently, infact, just th eother day I found out that Hekate and Hermes are GREATLY related. How cool is that? …

P.S. as I just finished writing this, I googled and found out that Hermes and Loki are connected too! WOW! I cannot believe it!

I had it the opposite way dont get me wrong Lilith is still my Patron but she brought Lucifer into my life, he is quite the jokester

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Since we are on the topic of Hekate. Anyone know of any good books surrounding her? Preferably with some spell work?

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She came to me after i started to work with Lilith and now came Lucifer they all have very strong presants

Hekate is close and potent, but I prefer not to work with any of the Gods in the greek pantheon.

Many scholars believe that the evolution of Greek Lunar Deities was transpositional, or older deities and their cults being assimilated or transposed over by similar deities by subsequent waves of immigrants. Selene, like Hekate, was a Titaness, daughter of Hyperion and Theia (whereas Hekate was of Perses and Asteria). The polarizations in their lineage (as Hyperion and Theia also gave birth to Helios, the Sun and Eos, The Dawn Goddess; Perses represents the void of the unknown, and Asteria the embodiment of starlight) suggest to me that Selene and Hekate were the same deity divided originally into light and dark. Cue the migration of the Achaean Greeks, who worshipped the Olympians, and you see Hekate and Selene both identified with their goddess of the Wild Places, Artemis, who’s brother is the God of the Sun, Apollo.

Basically what I perceive is that you have two groups of Indo-Europeans whose deities have originally evolved from the same stock, and so their cults are similar, or may be attestations of of the same spirit simply among different tribes, who then come into contact with one another through migration conflicts.

To further this, I would like to point out that Artemis is likely related to arctos (bear), and as goddess of the Wild Places and Wild Animals, I feel this theory holds water. In The Greek Magical Papyri that there is a ‘Bear Charm’ which is a ritual which invokes Hekate as protectress, but also a teacher: roles bears often play in shamanistic societies.

And it’s curious you mention Loki. I don’t know how familiar you are with Norse mythos, but Loki’s roles are often very similar to those of Hermes. I will state, however, that so are Odin’s as God of healing, knowledge, oration and socialization. Also, Wednesday (Odin’s day) in French is Mercredi (Mercury’s Day). Odin also has extreme correlations to the sage Hermes Trismegistos. Odin and Loki also have several meaningful myths focusing on them together or interacting, and I believe a sound argument could be made similar to the one I made earlier regarding Hekate and Selene.

Check out Sorita d’Este and David Rankine, though their books are somewhat lacking in actual spellwork.

There are translations available of the PGM (Greek Magical Papyri, which are Hellenistic) and a great deal of the spellwork therein refers to and actively utilizes Hekate, Her epithets, and deities connected or analog to Her (Hermes, Persephone, Demeter, Artemis, Isis, Ereshkigal).

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Hekate is often considered analog to Ereshkigal, a deity you’re probably familiar with.

Loki aligns more to Lodur/Ve when linking your argument with Hecate to Selene. Just as Hoenir to Vili. Albeit, similarities for the most part are just that similarities rather than one and the same.

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