Orobas seems to be summoning me, i have not tried to contact him

i never had even heard of orobas or seen a picture of him until today. i first saw him with my minds eye (in early 2014)… in the middle of a hallway, standing, seeming to look right through me. this happened during a meditation i was trying to figure out my my fiances mother hated me so much. she expressed serious hate for me would not let me in her home (he lived with her and i couldnt come inside) when he asked why she hated me so much she said she didnt even know (she had no reason to hate me) as i sat in my own home in my bed trying to figure out what her problem was with me, a very vivid vision of orobas standing in their hallway (standing still) came into my mind and is was if he was looking right into my house and into my soul.
4 months previous, before i knew i was pregnant with our daughter I was in the house. i always got a weird feeling there. well i hadnt been with him long. he told me a story that happened that creeped me out. his brothers wife hadnt even met me yet, but she had a friend of hers who claimed to be psychic visit one day. i cant remember all of it but basically some entity spoke to her about me and said that i would get hurt in the house, and to stay away from knives.

fast forward… his mothers hatred for me goes back and forth. she has violent fits…i learned that ralphs grandfather had tried to kill himself in that house and eventually both his grandparents died. (it was his grandparents house)
my baby was born christmas eve 2014. a year and a month later, we are broken up, i have a custody order. he basically refuses to return her so i go to pick her up and while i am holding my baby i get violentally attacked by his mother. pucnhing scratching throwing me down on the ground pulling my hair etc. instead of trying to pull her off me, his sons mother keeps trying to grab my baby and he pins me down and i finally let go cause i did not want my baby to get hurt.

it has been a year and a half. with thier “family money” and fancy attorney they managed to legally abduct her and keep her form me. u have only seen her a few times since.
i moved to hawaii from texas with my older daughter for a new job that i should make enough money to save up and get my daughter back with a good attorney, i had an attorney after i tried representing msyelf but couldnt afford another 10 grand for trial.

here we are in this house for a week. i have seen ghosts and other entities my whole life its nothing new, i swear i had anubis visiting me 4 years ago.
well anyways a few nights ago i know i saw and felt something in front of my bedroom door. it wasnt happy, i could just feel it. the day before, my daughter told me while she was awake in bed she saw an “alien” in the mirror next to her bed. (maybe she didnt know how to describe it)
well then yesterday i found out the reason the rent was so low was because a man hung himself in here. i tried sleeping and just felt very sad, scared, and started crying (thats not usual for me) i tried seeing the future (very easy for me usually as i have had futurevision for as long as i can remember) it felt as though my vision was blocked. then i laid down and tried to sleep. all i could see was orobas, back in that hallway in the house where my other daughter is held captive
today i drew a picture of what i saw and described it has a horse head horse legs but torso and arms of a muscular man.
i posted my story and question in the golden dawn group i am in (i am not a member of ANY order whatsoever) and someone mentioned that it looked and sounded like orobas.
after looking at many drawings i agree its him. could my lifelong futurevision be connected? i have never summoned him at all… could he have been what was blocking my futurevision? those last two questions are the last of my concern.

from the only information i can find about him, he is only there to give people information answer questions etc. obviously there must be more to him than that.
would it be dumb of me to try to talk to him???

weirdly enough i know alot of people say the necronomicon isnt real but the only thing i ever invoked / summoned was marutukku. the keeper of the gate that protects you from your enemies. when i was 12 years old. i was being bullied and picked up by kids wanting to neat me up for no reason. later in life i was told its cause they were jealous of my beauty and talents. nevertheless when i did the ritual i saw him. and it seemed the rest of my life i was alsways protected. so many times i could have been messed with by people. i was homeless and stayed the night with strangers never once did i get hurt or robbed etc.

not until i saw orobas in this house and heard that “psychics” warning.
my daughter is starting to see stuff in this house. but the fact i saw orobas again… and my daughter is being held captive by an asshole a crazy violent lady in the house where i keep seeing orobas where a guy tried to kill himself… i know there is something i must do but i am not sure how to figure it out. and from what i have read it may not be so safe to try to converse with orobas.

i have had sooooo many near death experiences and even died one time and was brought back to life. i know i am still alive for a very serious purpose. maybe all of this is related.

try to speak to orobas? or try to banish without speaking to him? i have no experience with banishing or scrying or any of that.


You could do, or have done for you, a Tarot reading to divine ahead of time whether contacting him is a good thing?

The Simon Necronomicon, many of us here have had good results with it, and a lot of magicians on, at least, this forum, are less interested in arbitrary concepts of “real” than in results, which this book undoubtedly DOES deliver. :slight_smile:

Also, please check your messages, top right of the screen.

Damn. He wasn’t like that at all with me. He was actually very passive when I called him for bringing attention to an ad to sell my laptop. Lol He’s a very “okay-got-it-now-pay-up” kind of spirit. The business type.

Divine some sort of information from him through his sigil. Maybe he’s trying to compel you to call him through creating difficult situations. Spirits do that quite a bit like a way of conveying urgency.


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I have never done tarot I had a the book of thoth but it was stolen recently

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Doing a reading is the first step to YOU having the power in this situation, instead of spirits popping up everywhere being either alarming or indecipherable as to their identity and motives.

I posted full imformation on a method of divination called the Book Of Fate, you could do a reading using that perhaps as an start - there’s a full tutorial with my notes and a legally downloadable version of the original Book below:


I would say be careful not to take any risks! Something more important than magical power or contacting spirits is your own wellbeing! You said that it’s normal for you to cry at night? And with all the complicated stuff going on with your child, and with that abuse, I think your main focus should be on taking extra care of your mental health and trying to heal yourself. We use our minds to concentrate and manifest and to do magic, so therefore your mental health is really important. Your energy is going to attract like energy to you. Everyone can benefit from spending more time on making themselves more peaceful and happy.

Side note: If you’ve always had these powers maybe you should look into your past lives? Might help you understand things. Good luck!


i said its not normal for me to cry at night, ever. i knew something weird was going on when i just felt overwhelming sadness all of a sudden. some people say spirits or entities cannot project that stuff on to you but i dont believe that at all. encore i guess you misunderstood me. i am a happy person, usually at total peace with everything around me. I dont typically ever worry about things. I can usually see the future and i trust in myself so I dont worry. I have always had these powers. I have never used any kind of psychic or had any kind of teacher aside from a magician that used to be my friend we never met in person, only on the astral. I lived in texas he in california. we could talk to eachother using only our minds. I am sure of two parts of my past lives. I was definitely an alchemist and always felt connected to the story of merlin. also, i was some sort of samurai a very very very long time ago.

i do have an update though: regarding orobas.
I have learned that I can’t run from these things. My entire life I have attracted stuff and it will follow me it. Still the only place I “see” the horse man is in my mind in the hallway I my ex’s house where his mother my daughter live.
I thought about it for a long time last night. It didn’t seem like this horseman thing is or was trying to scare me. I wasn’t planning on talking to it. But after I laid down to go to sleep I felt comfortable enough to call to it and ask what it was he wanted me to know.

I have always had difficulty in hearing spirits but I can usually see them quite clearly . I closed my eyes and asked him to show me.
Nothing about the house where I live now was involved. He took me back to ralphs. I know he spoke but I can’t remember it . But I cannot forget the vision (I’m a very visual person and often forget what people tell me verbally)
It appears as though a very huge dark demon is over Ralph’s house. A super big scary looking one like what I would imagine… a “dragon like” Satanlike creature… Standing over the entire house. And then inside Ralph’s room only… I saw… definitely a dark demon large hiding in the shadows. at first i thought it didnt notice me but now i am feeling that it is . After seeing the smaller second one I felt like the large first one was just the “muscle”.
I wish I could remember what orobas said. I want to try again when I am not so sleepy and ask now what I should do .
I know I have to get my daughter from those people and out of that house. That house is near Houston… Texas and I am in Hawaii.

I have known there must be something very evil involved in That House and with Ralph to want to keep our daughter from me for so long. His addiction to ADD med’s / amphetamines has always been a “demon” on his back. This is quite possibly the same demon that makes his mother lose her mind and made his grandpa attempt suicide .
The house where I am living now is only temporary anyways …We are just renting a room until we find the house we want to live in.
I think it is possible that the thing in the house where we are is separate but caused my senses to be heightened. Which made me more perceptive at the time.
My daughter said again last night there was alien staring at her in her bed through the mirror and it got closer. She said she woke up and saw it. Whatever it is I believe I can get rid of it. I feel though . whatever is in the other house with my other daughter and causing my ex to keep her from me and make his mother go crazy. .that’s going to be more difficult.

I’m definitely going to need some help with that well i think.the thing I saw standing over Ralph while he slept when orobas showed me… It was black like a bull standing on two legs. Hiding in A shadow hard to make out. And two bull type horns. It took me a minute to figure out he wanted me to look in ralphs room. He wanted me to get a visual so that I would know what I’m dealing with. Because orobas was standing in the hallway like usual … Pointing… It was actually pointing at Ralph’s room.
I know I have some work to do in the place I am renting. I was always too scared to go back to Ralph’s house after what that supposed psychic said and then they actually attacked me and beat me up and stole my child . I noticed when she was a baby she had a bright light . she was a miracle baby. Neither of us were supposed to be able to have more kids. …
I feel like he wanted me to see in ralphs house so i would know what I’m dealing with and that there really is something evil trying to keep my baby from me.


this was my drawing that i posted in the golden dawn group i am in and it was from my description that someone suggested it was orobas. horse head horse legs but a mans arms and torso.

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That sounds creepy, I advise you to call on Ursopix because while he’s got a very specific range of interests, he can defeat any bull spirit that’s attempting to harm or otherwise mess with a human child.

Use his seal from that post and his enn, and summon him with the specific intent to protect your child.


Sounds like he’s trying to tell you this dark presence (small demon) has attached itself to Ralph and has thus spread it’s energetic influence through him over the entire family. (the large one). He’s stating Ralph is the source of this and needs to be removed.

So this actually seems like he wants to help free you from this situation. Orobas’s secondary talent in the Goetia is listed as protecting the magician from spiritual attack. Go to the police about these assault cases you’ve faced, then go home and show friendly intent to Orobas. Ask for protection and order him to destroy this force.


now that i think about it after what xxmxx said… it put things in perspective for me a little better. it does seem like orobas wants to help. makes me wonder why? also i wonder if that was him in the very beginning of my relationship with ralph, that spoke through the medium, to warn me that i would get inujured in that house. i hadnt really practiced any kind of magick since i was a kid, except for the way i live my life, daily… having visions, using my spiritual power to affect things like make a ar run or (even impress thoughts on others minds and hear their thoughts)
has orobas just been known to show up and try to help someone? I have always known i am special… but still its just very curious to me.

regarding the police… it did not end up well for me. as soon as that attack happened, they pushed me out of the house and locked my older daughter inside and would not let her come out to me (shes only related to them through her sister) i called 911… i think the whole deal was a set up and they planned it or something, was very shady about the police. but as i sit here and think on it, it makes sense to me, the police went inside before they ever even spoke to me. they said everyone in the house said i kicked ralph and they were defending him. i went away in am ambulance after making sure my mother was coming to rescue my older daughter from there. i was told that the mother was being given an assault ticket but that i was also given a ticket.
i later found out that i was the only person ticketed. i got internal affairs involved. it was unbelieveable. they said the deputy was disciplined and they had department wide training. but it didnt do anything for me. to this day they will not let me press charged on ralphs mother because i have been told it is up to the 1 deputy (out of 2 diff departments that went they, sherriff and constable)

i am thinking that whatever demon this in on ralph… was powerful enough to sway the minds of the deputy and whoever else to literally make them turn against me.
the incident happened january 31st 2016. i was still nursing my daughter . i have only seen her a few times since then. i finally paid an attorney off 7 grand and got some stupid court order for acclamation because the court said my daughter no longer knows me so she had to get to know me and they would not give her back. even after that new court order he still kept her from me. i was told we have to ask the court to file charges for contemp[t and go back to court and pay more money.

basically my daughter has been stolen by a damn demon…
i had full custody and the reason the police would not enforce it the next day is bec ause the shady deputy put in his report that i was the agressor – which is totally insane.

the family violence case is still pending and my attorney that i have paid seems to not care about getting anything done and i have no more money at all to spend on it.

i have decided to resort to magick . i know i can do it. i just dont really know how. i have always just used a combination of my mind and spiritual power.

i cannot get the image of the bull demon out of my mind… i keep feeling like the thing is looking at me through my vision of it. i definitely need to put a plan together but i have no experience in this.

are there any stories of orobas stepping up to help someone that hasnt asked?? do the stories say why???

thank you everyone for all your insight

fk, i just realized something else. i am required by the court to give ralph my new adress. so i did by text. it took him a few days to respond, and he answered with “thats not a real address” it wasnt until then (few days ago) that i started noticing crap going on in this house where we are. IT knows i am here i feel like it is going to be a huge battle

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I’m going to guess the steps you need to take from here are:

  • confirm whether this is Orobas

  • confirm whether he wants to help you

  • ask him what needs to be done to protect your family, both now and long-term

  • work on legal stuff, Belial is very good at things like this regarding family custody, he’s helped two other members here who had serious problems.

How does that look as a starting point?



Orobas as described in Goetia is a helpful entity. Typically evoked by Cinnamon oil on the brow and a certain incense as described by Lon Milo Duquette.
However, Centaur came to mind which is a bit different.
There are banishings like the LRP or the Rose Cross Ritual, but it appears that while banishing might not be a bad idea, you need immediate legal aid and more information on the horned one.
What was the history on you and your family religion?
Any new items in the house before all this occurred?


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i had just moved to that house in haleiwa hawaii. it was a weird place. i have since moved to a place with way better energy and have not had anything weird or seen anything.
each of my parents are half french half cherokee.
bunch of freemasons on each side but neither of them are. my mother is very baptist… my father idk. i dont talk to my mother anymore. actually i think she has some serious kind of demon ahold of her. i have no good memories of her even as a child. everything was terrible. i was always getting in trouble for lying when i wasnt lying. she has abducted my older daughter 5 times and has caused me more problems then all other people i have ever known COMBINED. i always considered her mentally ill and think she has munchausen syndrom. its that bad.
my father idk, he goes to church (christian) when he has a lady that goes to church otherwise not, he lives in a nudist colony. my family is really weird…my half sister (through my father) wont speak to anyone of us, at all, that is related to my father (even our own grandma told me to tell her not to come to her funeral) my brother is always on or selling drugs and stealing stuff in and out of prison.
its just strange cause the very first time i saw orobas (in my mind) he was staring into my soul, standing in a hallway in front of my exs mothers room, in between the two other bedrooms. and he came to “mind” when i sat on my bed and mediated trying to figure out why ralphs mother hated me so much. cause he asked her and she said she just did not know.

i definitely hace always felt i was born with certain special powers, it all came natural to me at a very young age. at 8 - 10 i think i started doing exercises with a friend where she would draw a picture and we would sit back to back and i would tell her what the picture was of. i have always seen ghosts. i have seen gargoyles, fairies. i have been able to talk to people with only my mind. when i first heard of alchemy and got a book on it i felt like i was an alchemist in a past life.
ghost have always been very drawn to me. going out of body only took me a few weeks when i was 12 and i did it daily.

when it comes to all the technical stuff… the names and books of magick and book type knowledge, i have none. i dont know where to start. i am not religious at all.
but past few days i just been feeling cursed. work has not been going well. anything that could go wrong is going wrong. i am bird sitting and even the bird started acting weird yesterday for no apparent reason used his beak to toss out all the food out of his bowl. then i .lost my found and found it inside a bag where i know i didnt put it. then i left to go to work i was driving … along the beach in hawaii even-- feeling suicidal for no apparent reason. and then i got out at a beach to calm down and take a picture the door slammed on my leg and hurt me. i cursed and cried then all of a sudden my phone quit working completely. i am very very good at fixing phones and i cant figure it out. today at work my first appointment canceled, 2nd appointment already had what i was selling, third appointment had no electricity. never in 6 years have i had 3 appointments “cancel” in one day.
–i seriously believe this is not all coincidence. my friend/boss has been asking me for a month if i am cursed actually. as soon as i got to hawaii his car had all kinds of pronblems and we couldnt work. i ended up leaving that house where a guy had hung himself because the guy i rented from went from being nice and cool to acting totally crazy… harassing threatening me banging on my door slamming stuff around shutting off the water heater and a/c … u get the point.

but im getting advice people telling me what to do but i have no idea how to do any of this stuff…


I’m going to send you a tutorial for the simplest method I know (and learned myself ages ago) for direct spirit contact, check your PMs (green icon, top right of screen.) :thumbsup:


I’ve been trying to work with Orobas a lot lately. Then I decided to put my stuff away and be more mundane. Last night while going about my exercise yurt and circle at around midnight I had to take a leak. So I’m down by my pissing post and I hear this huge snort. Hell I thought it was a buck or something. Didn’t want to get gored so I went back to my yurt to exercise. Went to bed around 1:30. In the morning there are horse hoof indentations all over the paths. Even a pile of horse poo. Seems the neighbors horse got loose. Which is majorly odd since barn, fences etc.

It’s possible the spirit entered the stallion (they only have stallions next door). And it visited. I was feeling rather off dizzy in head. Hell I was thinking about possible new diviniation attempts. Then bam.

Now if no horse came over and it was just the spirit in the flesh… that’s pretty profound by thought. The logic says … “neighbor didn’t lock the barn door.”

Funny because a day ago this chant has become part of my rituals:

Orobas is a spirit I am always willing and eager to invoke. I love the feel of this spirit amongst some others. I love the enn and I often chant:

Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Demon spirit come inside, fill my body soul and mind.

Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Orobas spirit fill me through and through do make me a part of you.

Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Demon spirit fill me to the top, enter me and never stop.

Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Orobas spirit fill my soul, complete me now and make me whole.

Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas
Jeden Tasa Hoet Neca Orobas!!

That’s the simple stuff. I continually look into something more deep along with consecrate 3D seals, etc.


Interesting take esp on truth. With this spirit I really do enjoy the truth aspect and can see why Orobas can be a favorite.

Orobas was the last in my addition of 5.
(In the order revealed to me).

Funny thing is, I’ve never had the desire to ride. Oh, they’re great to chat with and give carrots to or brush but riding… meh.

Another funny story is as a kid I had a goat I gues I did ride like a battle dwarf. His name was “billy the kid.”

Brother had a pony named Pokey. They were my step grandfathers I guess but that was ages ago. Was an old Shetland pony I guess.

I was really going to drop the invocations but weird occrances happen when you “set it and forget it.” So naturally my brain gets fuzzy and I get obsessed again. I don’t mind but I wish the dreams were more vivid.

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Orobas’ name has come up a few times for me now too. Once when I asked who to work with, could I have three names, his was either first or second. Then, I was going to ask King Paimon and before I had a chance to ask, Orobas’ name popped into my head. I then went and asked anyway and got three totally different names. I am intrigued by this story. I have an interest in horses on a shallow level but I was actually a bit afraid of them due to their size. Perhaps I need to contact Orobas after all.