I want to make a pact to get sober!

Hey guys,

My query is basically in the title. Which entities would you recommend? Your experiences?


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Opfaal from koettings kingdom of flames, some of the angels…

there is a sigil for the same thing in the words of power and transformation 101 magickal words and sigils by Embrosewyn Tazkuvelz- I’ve read this book, I disagree with the authors religious beliefs, however his sigils thst I’ve tested work great and the book is in kindle unlimited so it’s cheap to get your hands on. There are other sigils in it as well as overcoming addictions that would be beneficial to the process of overcoming an addiction, and like I said I’ve tested about ten of them and gotten really fast immediate results. Most of the others deal with inner changes, so they more than likely take awhile- but I can see value in using them in conjunction with anything else you try.


Oopfal is amazing and quick. Belial if you want a brand new foundation. Expect difficult tasks ahead with Belial.

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Belial. He usually takes away addiction even when you don’t ask him to.

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Better yet, find out what feeling the drug of choice is covering up, face it, and change/fix/heal it. It worked for me (with the help of a LHP teacher at the time). :+1:

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Relying on something outside of yourself isnt going to get you sober. A pact can help you gain insight into your own inner power, but dont think its going to fix your problem. I was addicted for a while and tried everything. Only when we take responsibility for our own condition is when we will gain power.


There are lots of great comments in this thread, but this seems to be especially sage advice.

I was thinking less of an quick fix and more of a spiritual sobriety “coach”.

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Also good advice, my urges/usage are the most intense when I’m isolated and depressed.

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