Blood binding spell timing

Just to fast forward, I was looking for a topic where it talks about menstrual blood binding timing, but could not find anything particular. Looked on internet too, but there’s mixed opinions.

The spell’s for a man that’s lost between his emotions and one day is saying he loves you, another ignores you. Always texts me only when drunk and saying deep things but never really making a fact of love.

It’s on going for 4 years now. There is love but there’s a lot of traumatic experiences he has and a big ego, so he cannot step over it. His mother left him when he was a child so he despises women and think of them as chaos and despair. He is trying to go more spiritual direction and i know i could do so much for him in that way. I really thought about maybe I’m obsessed but I have a strong intuition that this is mutual love.

We were on holiday trip with other people (he came as I invited him) and I served him a coffee with menstrual blood as for a make him love me or attracted and burst the positive emotions towards me. Where the next day after the blood was given in the coffee - he was talking about other women, where he generally spoke a lot, was bragging about his ambitions in front of other people, same time not really giving me attention the whole time but shy, deeply looking me in the eye like waiting for a move which I decided not to make and not be the initiator once again. So we left it in kind of cold terms. That was my intent, but the week has passed and he’s gone. Disappeared. No messages no nothing.

I also did white magic red candle and a paper spells this week, but still nothing. Trying to meditate and let go of the thoughts, but it is not easy as I love him very much and been really hurt of his actions before.

I also texted him a few days ago, and he replied. Now we we’re speaking yesterday and he was again drinking and inviting me to his place, but I declined and said might pass by today.
Would like to know what is the timing these specific spells take time?
And should I innate things - or rather not and keep distant a little to see if it’s working?

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Did it.
Also an update about the situation:
I texted him yesterday saying I will pass by his house, will he be at home. He said he will be but have meetings at 3 and at 6 pm. Followed with my reply “write me when you’re done” and later on found out he was drinking with friends. I made another go and said “I am going home, I’m fed up” and a passive aggressive statement “what have you turned into to” was my last message to him.
No news from him. Feels like I should let go of this connection…

I usually do love spells on full moon night. Those Super moon or pink moon nights are important to me.

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