Anyone had a demon give them a sigil different from the usual one?

Has anyone ever had a demon give them a sigil to use that varies from their normal sigil?
I kept dreaming of a sigil on consecutive nights and couldn’t find it anywhere. I asked that the spirit sending the dream to reveal itself to me and the name that I got was Asmodeus, who I had worked with before several years ago with some success. Before this encounter I had backed away from magic for quite some time due to life and living circumstances not being ideal.
I have since gotten back into magic, though I’m still constrained by living circumstances, and worked almost exclusively with Asmodeus using the sigil provided. Almost all of my work has been successful since this happened.
Anyway, has anyone else experienced anything like this?

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I have known some spirits to give out unique sigils and enns. It’s a means of having a more personal relationship.


Yep. Glasya - Labolas gave me something different and I verified with a medium it was him.

Lucifer has also given me a name he used to go by also.


Yes, King Paralda. Not a demon, though.

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One entity can have multiple sigils/yantras. Its no big deal.

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Lord Bael recently gave me a unique sigil. Its blue and more simple than the geotia one

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Abaddon gave me a sigil exclusively for me to use. He said that this will give me an instant connection to him if needed and nobody else should see/use it.
So yes it is definitely possible and it is kinda like a celebrity giving you his/her private phone number, except it is even more personal. Also what @rin said is very true! :clap:

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When I started my left hand path I did something that Mr Koetting recommended that you call out to all spirits and then sort one out and try to see it.
That’s the only time I could see a spirit and I saw a sigil in the water.
I have no idea who that spirit was and I haven’t seen that sigil anywhere else.
Now I realize that maybe I should call that same spirit with his sigil and see if I could learn from him.

That’s the same message I got, not to share it with anyone, that it was just for me.
It’s so much easier to make a connection, I usually don’t even have to do a ritual unless I’m asking for knowledge/information, and I sometimes I just ask for that to come in a dream and it does.
I knew that this happened to people, but didn’t know how common it was or why I would be chosen out of the blue like that. I hadn’t practiced in about a year and a half due to personal and living circumstances when this came to me.
Does anyone have any advice on working with Asmodeus? Thank you for all of your responses.

I have drawn pictures and large sigils that they wanted me to draw for them.

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I know exactly what you’re talking about, I did the same thing when I first started. I didn’t see a sigil when I did it, but I did see several entities. It was shocking to me because I had a LOT of spirits coming at me and I was very inexperienced. Some of the spirits were no doubt human, others were what I would call lesser demons/devils. I didn’t try to work with any of the spirits that I saw because I was just trying to follow E.A.'s instructions and hone my skills. I was scrying with a black mirror and it was the first time that I had gotten any results like that.

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