I want to summon an succobus but i need help!

Hi everyone,

I finished my exams. And now with the corona time there is not much to do in my country. (Netherlands)

I really enjoy discovering and inventing things. That is also the reason why I create a topic here to know more about it and to get tips.

I have researched a bit about the Succobus and I would like to delve more into this.

I have some questions that I would like to see answered in the commands.

  1. Is it dangerous and why?

  2. Do I ever get rid of it or am I always attached to it?

  3. They say you feel more than having sex with a living person. (I’m a virgin so I can’t know what it feels like to have sex with a human person)

  4. Is it scary to do, and is it dangerous?

  5. What is the best way to summon her. I read something about sending a letter to Lilith but I don’t know exactly how it goes.

I’m only going to call it when I have more tips from you, and when I know more about it.

Safety above all!

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Letter Of Intent - How To Evoke A Succubus/Incubus update

Thank you!

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Do u have a lot of experiences With an succobi?

Please respond with 1 of your social media so we can talk about it!

My personal opinion is not to do this out of boredom or whimsy.

Lol I’m also interested in this. Keep me updated if you make any progress… I may also try


Yeah me to that’s why i want to try it.

I found an youtube video with only audio.

They say that it will summon the succobus.

In the commands people are saying that it’s working on them.

But idk it’s really creepy sound and i can say u when u are listing to it a couple minutes. It wil do something with your body.

Idk if it’s just an brain trick or an succobus.

It’s really creepy to listing to because u will experience something i only played the video for 2 minutes because i was to afraid :joy:

Sorry for my bad english tho, i am not from an country where they speak english.

Hi , can i talk to you in private?

Can u send me the first message because i don’t know how that works on this site.



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No problem about the English. Haha why don’t you watch the video and tell me how it goes? Also send me the link… have you worked with demons before

No i worked never with demons before, but my grandma helped people who had problems with spirits/demons.

And sometimes she learned me stuff or i could watch how she did the stuff.

Yeah sorry but when i watched the video i couldn’t move anymore it was just like i was frozen. After that i was dizzy so i am not going to watch that again.

I needed a lot of power to get out of the frozen position.

Here is the link: https://youtu.be/tTEksqSvRdc

Warning: it could be real and scarry.

I hope when u watched it and maybe noticed something. U can send me an reaction on this message.



Haha I’m thinking this could be psychosomatic. I’ll check it out

Ok people say do it with the lights fully on.

Maybe we can start a private chat on this site, so we can talk about it?