Advice for working with Asmodeus?

I feel the call of Asmodeus. Last night someone recommended him to me. In the middle of a baneful rite a bottle was knocked over. I had asked who it was and they claimed to be Asmodeus and had given me advice to further my abilities. Today I came home and I felt a presence. It once again claimed to be Asmodeus. I had gained chills, repetitively might I add, a random headache shortly after asking who it was and something keeps knocking on the walls.

My questions are, what is his personality like? And what can I expect from him? Thank you in advance


What I noticed is a very dark presencelike a black shadow, tall,very tall like floor to ceiling. As a personality, he is a hardcore ass demon that he expect you to deliver what you promised. If you do, he helps very good with baneful work and also with protection. I don’t have much experience with him, he recently offered to help in my work, don’t know more than that


Thank you miss Sabina

He’s really intense. Just be ready. He has very lustful energy.


Can he kill someone?

Can he kill someone?[/quote] Probably. I’ve never called on him for things like that. I usually call on Glasya Labolas, Odin, or Lucifer for that. I’d just ask him.

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I have to agree with that

Can he kill someone?[/quote]
For that Andrasta or Andras comes forth…


He had very passionate energy yet he was extremely respectful. He had a widened vocabulary and spoke like an old english gentlemen, occasionally getting very VERY vulgar. Is this common?

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