What can you tell me about Vassago

so firstly i’d like to share an experience i believe i have had with Vassago.

about a year ago, which is when I was just starting to get into witch craft and thinking about different paths, I read the Ars Goetia and I remember the name Vassago really sticking out to me. It is a wonderful name and its fun to say. so skipping ahead to late at night while I’m in bed trying to sleep, I found myself thinking about him and his name, and just by doing that i think he heard me because that night my entire body began to vibrate. It felt like a back massager type vibration from head to toe, it didn’t last very long maybe a minute. since then its happened maybe 4 or 5 different times, his name would be very prominent in my mind each time. So I’ve never tried to summon him properly or any other entity for that matter except for a time I had written a letter to Lilith and she spoke to me in one of my dreams, but thats another story for another time.

Anyway, after doing some more research id like to properly summon Vassago and I wanted to ask you guys if you have any experiences with him that you’d like to share and if anyone could give me an idea of what I can expect from Vassago.



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