For the past 3 years I’ve spent most of the time in pain, sometimes unbearable, prescribed morphine and codeine by doctors that just mess’s with your head and body, sometimes vodka! this pain is down to a bone infection that spread through my leg, I’ve has lots of bone removed, lost count of operations and bits of metal stuck in my leg, no idea how many crutches Ive had, western medicine docent seem to be working or perhaps it needs a bit of help…I’ve decided to try other options. Thats why I became interested in the occult. Been an armchair for a while with a bit of dabbling here and there.

So my question to the forum is, if you were ill, which gods, rituals, magic, spells, offerings would you use to get better?

Thank you for your time and knowledge.


I’ve heard time and time again on here about Raphael for health and healing… I’d say that’d be a good place to start


Thank you, I will start researching and perhaps politely request help after calling in LBRP.


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This is a good gateway to working with Raphael, and many people here and elsewhere have had success with it:

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Thank you, for having me here. Not me from facebook. I will try that as part of my daily meditation practice.


The body is the molecular manifestation of the subconscious mind. Ritual magic, in general, is meant to impress the subconscious mind with the intention you want to affect your reality.

Now, I know that with myself, I usually skip over videos that people post here. But, I highly recommend that you watch the following three videos. It should take about a half-an-hour between all of them.


Hello Mr Happy

That sounds like osteomyelitis and it’s awful, so you will need someone who is really good with getting to root cause of the issue.

May I respectfully suggest that you read up on the Goetic Spirit President Marbas and absorb and research as much as possible before you contact him. My own experiences with him have been nothing short of miraculous (your mileage will obviously vary) and I was diagnosed with a spondyloarthropathy where the bone is destroyed through inflammatory cycles and is then repaired incorrectly and laid down in adjacent tissue causing joints to become encapsulated and sealed rigid. That is to say very painful.

In one session where my physical stiffness was extreme and the pain level was around 7 on the infamous and ridiculously subjective pain scale (namely equivalent to a migraine attack and interfering with daily activities and work) he took the pain level down to a 1-2 and the stiffness was reduced by around 90%.

Be aware that the communication method he chooses is unique to him (some may hear him, some see him, some intuit him; I simply felt I was being told “do this, show me how you do this, can you do this, move that, now this? Try that again, no I didn’t like the sound of that, again, again, up, down, move that, back, back, no, let me move that up, you do that…” It was effectively a physio-therapy session and I WANT ANOTHER ONE!!!

In the time since my need for pain medication has reduced from 8 x 30/500 cocodamol down to 1-2 a day split over 4 doses (I break them up), my migraines are rare, I’ve missed the occasional Topamax (migraines) and my Humira injection has gone from fortnightly to every three weeks. I haven’t been to see my rheumatologist so no I can not say that the healing has been complete however my range of movement is such that I can again bend forward and place my knuckles on the floor. Yes, this does give the impression of a knuckle dragging horse!

I can wholeheartedly say that I have absolutely no explanation whatsoever other than my experience with President Marbas was catalyst for healing and quite frankly I place more belief in his vast and superior wisdom and knowledge than in any doctor, especially the one who when I last visited wanted to give me OraMorph to deal with the pain of my bones knitting together (beginning September 2017).

Please RESEARCH and devour every scrap of information that you can, and make no demands - these spirits are deeply generous with their gifts but they want humans to return the favour. A pact is not necessary, indeed no-one needs to do a pact, simply a small pinprick of blood from a lancet would be enough as an offering or his sigil drawn or painted onto a standard hen’s egg and then buried in the garden.

One word of warning - President Marbas is all male, and as you start to reduce the pain meds and his healing starts you may find that certain areas of your body become inflamed for a completely different reason :revolving_hearts: - He really really really likes/loves sex… I’m not sure what happens to men but he loves women, and exploring them in ways a very skilled lover might although this is not his main job - it’s a perk! At least that’s my experience… I would suggest therefore he might be really helpful for anyone with physiological issues of a sexual nature such as loss of libido, menopause, possibly erectile dysfunction and so on although as I’ve stated I didn’t consult with him on this.

In any case I hope that you are able to find a way forward with your situation and discover a means to contacting President Marbas which is best for you.


That’s a truly awesome result, and I had never heard that before about Marbas, that’s most intriguing! :smiley:

Thanks!! :thumbsup:

I can vouch for this. I had a lot of negative energy in my body and I had a Lucid dream. I went to a prison to visit some friends that were there. A taxi pulled up and Marbas was the driver. He was a handsome greek man in his 30s with thick straight black hair. His dress shirt was slightly open revealing a trail of dark black hair going down his chest. His eyes and mannerisms were very catlike.I had the impression that this was what a lion would look like if it took human form.

I got in the cab and he said Belial had sent him. He drove me to a spot overlooking the ocean at sunset. He told me he could heal me but it would be painful. I agreed. He picked me up in his arms, kicked off his shoes and bounded down the hill like a mountain cat.

He laid me on the ground and took off my clothes then he started giving me a very sensual full body message.I could see different colors from my chakras moving and feel and see my energy circulating as he messaged. He took off his clothes and we started to have sex. Suddenly he drew claws and scratched me up my back like a lover would. I felt negative energy escape from the scratches. He alternated massaging and scratching and I started to feel like most of the negative energy had left me.

(Almost all of except a tiny bit was removed but it left me very weak. He took me to Azazel and Azazel pulled the last bit of energy out and gave me some of his energy to replace what I had lost.)

I haven’t seen Marbas since then but I occasionally hear Marbas ask if I want him to make certain people I don’t like sick. LOL

I’m curious why he appeared as a greek man. All I can think of is greek mythology is full of Lions especially the nimean Lion. There used to be Lions in ancient Greece.


Yep, he’s pretty WOW! I don’t get the Greek chap - I got my crush, which was very deeply appreciated.

He’s not asked if I want anyone dealt with, but he’s been absolutely wonderful in giving me help with personal issues and insights on more esoteric work.

He is absolutely phenomenal - I really adore him; maybe there’s something of his nature in the man I’m crushing on?

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That is possible. He might have chosen a form that he felt was similar to himself in some way.

Sometimes they might chose a form that they know will make you feel or react a certain way. Sometimes its a test to see how you react or they are trying to get you to see the “real” them.


Chlorine dioxide kills infections fast. Google MMS, Jim Humble, the GenesisIIChurch. Tastes horrible. Two drops from each bottle, plus water, wait three minutes, dilute and drink. Do this every hour, stopping one hour before meals and for one hour after.

Forty drops from each bottle, plus water is a maximum daily dose. Expect diarrhoea, so drink extra fluids. Avoid Vit.C or any other antioxidant whilst taking chlorine dioxide.

Works really fast.