Demons Helping Raise Kundalini

Call Archangel Raphael! He makes everything better :heart_eyes: that’s from my own experience :heartpulse:


Seek a reiki master, he can open the channel for the Kundalini energy flow. Till then stay away from every spiritual practice.

I was told that angels are archonic especially archangels and I don’t want to piss off these gods so I don’t know if I should invoke that entity.

You sure that wouldn’t make the process worse?

Miku have you any specific prayer to archangel for opening third eye ?

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Archons are archons, they have no free will, archangels are sovereign daemons with free will and they can help.
Ask Raphael.

Part of the issue is the channels you have for energy flow are probably partially blocked and/or too narrow - it’s like trying to put the flow of a fireman’s hose through a straw - the straw breaks and the water goes along channels it’s not meant to, making a mess aka causing illness and pain.

So if you can open the correct channels for the flow wider, that should reduce the flow along the improper paths and relieve the distress.


That’s messed up. U can try seeking guidance from some experienced lamas if there are any in Ur area. AN experience Reiki master is 2nd option They may have some mantra, visualization which can smooth out the friction. They research on this subject for 800 years, most likely they may have some solution. Now the best option is to let it rise, without trying to hold it back. Dietary restriction and moderation in sexual activity will HELP, FOR SURE. U can ask archangel Raphael for help. Don’t do something out of hopelessness. Know that it is just a temporary phenomena and later the reward will be unbelievably high.


Go full throttle on Breathing Meditation.
The best defense is a good offense.

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As I mentioned before, there is a process until the Kundalini awakening. I’m sure there are more experts here to explain it better, but Prana should flow balanced both in left and right channels so it can flow on the central as well. Usually a sudden Kundalini awakening with such symptoms as yours is an indication for a blocked central channel (sushumna).
P.S. Please someone correct me here If I’m wrong… :sweat:

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Kundalini never stops growing, there no point in life when you can say: i’ve got all the power or all the activation at maximum, is dynamic, is a constant growth if you let it. Or get killed in the process if you stick on the mind side.

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Giving U 2 techniques to make UR body/mind conductive for proper kundalini rising. If U had done this before the main practice , this problem wouldn’t have happened.

1- chant ‘AUM’ , while chanting ‘A’ one should feel the vibration in stomach region, ‘U’ in heart region and while chanting ‘M’ feel vibration in head region , feeling that the vibration is also rising from below making a way , will clear many blocked pathways and make the system ready for kundalini rising. (While chanting initially if one sweats like working out in a gym then that means it is being done correctly. Do it atleast 21 times in a row)

2- Its called Nadi Suddhi/purification pranayama. To clear the blockages in UR channels, so that energy can move freely without causing problem.

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thats an outright dumb statement, Archangels are there to help, no need to be afraid of them. Ask raphael, and I am sure he will help.

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No prayers are needed in calling an archangel!!! Just call the name in 3 parts like “Ra pha el” until you feel it’s enough. You may want to use their sigil to focus on. Say please and thank you! And mean it.

You have experience with that technique? It seems like any meditation just further arouses the burning chi. I just don’t want to practice a certain technique and only worsen my situation.

That seems self destructive. I wouldn’t want to force the Kundalini and hurt myself.

Other experienced LHP occultists have told me that the archangels are of the False Light and that I should avoid them so idk

Sorry, but there’s no such thing as “False Light.”

It sounds like the people you spoke to are simply reversing the dogma of religion, so instead of demons being evil and bad, its the angels that are evil and bad. Either way, it is dogma, not Truth.

You have to find these things out for yourself though. As someone who works with both angels and demons, I have found that most of what people say about them is just flat out wrong, but it is a personal decision you have to make on your own.


Stories like this are why I’ve avoided Kunda. My suggestions are either summon the two who broke you, tell them they broke you, and ask them to fix it in the best way, OR give Azazel or Uphir a whirl. I know Azazel does some really good third eye and balancing work and I know Uphir is highly advanced on doing surgery work for humans. Good luck on fixing your broken everything!

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