Who Would You Love E.A. To Interview?

I would love E.A. to interview V.K. Jehannum

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Marilyn Manson

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Lawrence Krauss (the physicist) or Richard Dawkins (the evolutionary biologist). They are the proverbial masters of atheism, so it would be interesting to see EA go head-to-head with one of them.


Robert Monore…

Marilyn Manson :eyes:

@wright, have you ever read any of Patrick Dunn’s books?

wright is no longer on this forum and so will not answer you.

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thanks for the return!

You Timothy.
Darkest regards.

Interview me

I haven’t looked if Timothy was interviewed. He and others looked into and went the extra mile to mail my books. Such awesone works and I still can’t thank everyone enough. So yeah another vote for Timothy.

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What about some of the form members here, lady_eve, darkestknight, or others?


Hi. Sorry to unearth an old thread here but I am Barry Salkilld’s grandaughter and I came across this. One of my biggest regrets is not having the opportunity to have spent much time chewing the cud with him before he passed. I would love to hear some stories if you have the time to share. :v: Thanks.

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To Frater C.D’s granddaughter,

Hail! Well met.

I was a member of the O.P.A. I knew Frater C.D.
Erinmore Mixture. Smelt great, tasted like soap - really bad. There’s no accounting for taste. He really declined after the expense stopped him smoking. Real rapid descent.

Taught me a great deal, stuff I couldn’t and didn’t appreciate at the time. Got me Marcelo Moto’s The Commentaries Of AL, plus Magickal and Philosophical Commentaries on the Book of the Law. Pre-Internet days.

Used to have about 16 packets/teaspoons of sugar per cup of coffee.

Visited him in the SDA Hospital and at the place/village he died. Gave him some really good Marijuana but I’m pretty sure he gave it away - stupid bastard! Gave him bottles of quality alcoholic spirit, which again, he probably didn’t drink - the old bastard!

Told him I’d gone lhp and he said, ‘Oh well, if there wasn’t darkness we wouldn’t see the light.’
Frankly, I wouldn’t be the Magician I am, but for Bazza. Really, really miss him. He was My Teacher.


Brother Panic
Ravana Nun



HAHA i feel this heavy. Dream interview goals

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Al- thanks for your reply. Funny how life works out. Haha that’s him alright. My mum always joked that if you tried to stir his coffee the spoon would get stuck. I wonder if we ever crossed paths at some stage. I used to work at his aged Care village as a teenager- I can’t tell you whether or not he gave what you gifted him away but I know he grew a few bits and pieces that you wouldn’t expect to have growing in a nursing home. He was shocked when I ID’d some of his plants (particularly the salvia) as a teenager.
Thankyou for sharing with me about the literature he recommended to you. I will check it out as I keep accidentally stumbling on symbols, phrases and ideas that I saw plastered all over his place in my own search and it makes me bloody curious. He didn’t tell me much about his beliefs but he always told me to question everything and I have followed that advice a bit too heavily much to the disappointment of my sanity.
Due to unfortunate timing and circumstance I never had the conversation but I do not doubt the fact that he replied that way to you telling him you were following the LHP. It only makes sense. Thankyou again for replying. I really appreciate it. If you ever want to chat more let me know and id definitely be interested. :v: :mushroom: Mush love