Talk with Ronove

Them and their familiars and their familiar’s familiars and so on lol. :rofl:

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Ikr. :rofl:

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I noticed this with Belial and Bune. I thought it was interesting how their power was financial related yet they handled different aspects. Also their attitudes Belial challenging me and pushing me and Bune being very supportive afterwards. Like good cop bad cop lol.

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Hmmm… interesting. I noticed a kind of dynamic between Belial and King Paimon myself. Belial was the chaotic wild one and Paimon the reasonable logical one.

I didn’t know they did this, I was slammed with so many talking and they all sound like my head voice. I thought I was going crazy.


Sometimes I hear several of them at once…it’s like shh.I can’t even hear myself think :joy:


Did he teach you any language?

No not specifically but he gave a sort of root of languages that would make learning them a lot easier.

Hey, could you please ask any demon to give u information about this demon named laucone? i need to know about him desperately and what ive gotten myself into

Welcome to the forum @DeathBed. I see you signed up with us back in August but still have not introduced yourself. Please click the image below and do so as it is required here:


I can try to dig something up but more information such as the backstory to this would be very helpful.

I started talking to this demon named laucone a few moths ago he wouldn’t leave me alone and been a pain in the neck since then i dont know much about him except that he told hold me he’s the prince
I’d be really greatful if u asked another demon information about him

If it has been nothing but trouble and given the way it presented itself so long ago I say this is a lesser demon and basically an over fed parasite. Banish it and purify yourself to keep it away or dissolve it if you are able.

I’ve tried to get rid of him before it dint work and other demons who claim they are azazel beelzebub and vassago said they obey and respect him.
could u please look into this and try to get information about him and if he’s really who he says he is?? It would help me a lott

It’s unlikely they obey this demon. You’ll need to stop responding (mentally, emotionally and verbally) to this demon. Simply don’t communicate with it in any way. Starve it of attention.


I’ve been drawn to Ronoves name for quite awhile now… I brought a statue of him, and I can say my psyche has been through a lot. I do have the interest in learning more languages, just need that discipline to start. So far, I’ve read that he’s quite a warm demon, and has the power of telepathy? And strong with fire?! Is anyone close with him here?

Candy is a good offering that will make Ronove show up. (and it doesn’t have to be good candy) Also the Ronove enn works well.


How do you chat with him though? I really do want to talk with him.

Very interested in working with this demon, I have heard he can be very charming and eloquent, but have also heard he can be dangerous. A fellow magician I know, refuses to work with him. Wondering if that is true.

I’m sure they all can be dangerous, some definitely have more of a reputation for causing harm to misguided magicians than others. So far I haven’t had any problems, but of course that doesn’t preclude the possibility that I could in the future.