Spiritual attack?

Huh alright, well thanks for clearing that up then.
I’ll have to rlly put more protection on myself

Frequently these evangelical and or fundamentalist Christians don’t even know they are practicing magik and cursing someone they just get so obsessed with someone and let all this hate fly.

Send it back to the sender.


How would I send it back to the sender?

The best proteccion is yourself, circling your own body’s energy and connecting with oneself.
Because the christians will unconsciosly project their Kundalini energy on to others plexus. This being the reason of shortness of breath and belly pain.
Energy directed and not being aware of it, translates to pain. After one knows themselves then is easy to use any energy for own benefit.


Agree you were attacked. Intention is everything. You might also want to check for bindings they put on you trying to cut you off from your beliefs or magik - and bind them back. Mehmi’on is an expert there.


Oh funny you say that- my mother used to pray for me for that exact reason-
Should I evoke mehmi’on? I’m not exactly the best at it. Possibly I should call on him and ask him to lift the bindings?

Thank you sm, that is very helpful

I tend to do journey workings, but any way that makes contact works. Don’t be surprised if he stays behind you; he just does that, it’s nothing bad.

I’m kind of wondering why they have you on the radar as ‘the Satan child’ too - maybe try not to sow those pearls before the swine so much until you can move out? What they don’t know can’t be used as a weapon against you.


Yes I do try to stay under the radar as much as possible but sometimes my mother will look through my magick things on my desk and ask me why I have so much “satanic” stuff, and also because I’m trans they tend to think “Satan” has slipped into my mind or something- so that’s why for the most part.

Also I’m going to meditate for a bit and then look more into this entity before I attempt to evoke. Thank you very much for your advice

Ugh, having nosey and unsupportive family can’t be good. Maybe add in a binding to stop her from even thinking about going through your stuff. Good luck!

If it’s any help, I posted Mehmi’on’s sigil and info here - he/it’s from the Book of Azazel:

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Thank you so much, I will read that right away!
And yes it’s not ideal but it is what it is hah.

Possibly should I write a petition spell, so I can write out everything that should be done? Or would just doing and evocation be easier

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I think you should do what you’re most comfortable with. Writing it down as a petition sounds like a good way to get it all straight and focus your intention clearly. You can always just go with the flow one you get into trance if you find you don’t need it.

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Alright I think I’ll do just that, my mind works better when I can see things out in order like that so I think that will be easiest.
Thank you again for your advice and support !

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Prayer is an excellent tool for anyone to use.

Christian congregation prayer can be aimed at once, delivering a concentrated spiritual attack led by their spiritual leader.

The pain comes from their misunderstanding. The very judgement they fear and shun is turned on you, as they scrutinize in their minds the things you might have done, and then repeatedly cast your name into the Devil soup of their own imaginings. (It’s so left hand it’s sinister.)

Be careful. If you lack the strength to withstand the attack of a congregation, get out of their sight. Trust me: their benevolence is selective, and their weapons very real.

Consider it a demonic lesson on how to live among them without being detected. Find a way to get what you need while you’re doing it.

Survival is a big part of pride!


Best to use Divination to discover who or what attacked you. If it was the christians then hex them
******* ( expletive deleted ).
But, why would they curse you when you are going TOO the church ? Why not after ?

@jbkbmz Honestly no idea. My initial thought was maybe they did a prayer to cast out any “demonic” presence and because I work with demons it effected me, idk

Maybe the Demons made you sick, to keep you away from the church group.
Best to use Divination if you can ( I am S O L on the divination ability )
Also, are any of the christians invading your space ? ( psychic vampires ! )
Do any try to tell you to “Repent”, or “Believe”, or pressure you to join a church activity, ( ministry ), such as children’s ministry, outreaches, converting, preaching, giving your time or money in any way?
Also, if they are praying for you ( or against you ), then there might be a demon or technique where you can take their prayer energy ( mental and emotional bio electricity ), and direct it to feed the demons, ( or yourself, if this is safe for you ), or, you can visualize one of them and direct their prayer energy back at them, using the grey/black tones. Negativity directed back at them.
Be warned, 10 against 1 in physical combat… Same thing with psychic energy. Power in numbers.
A book by Graham Deakin, called Voodoo Photo Magic, at Amazon Kindle, shows some techniques if you can obtain their photo. ( Charles Cosimano talks about using photos with psionic equipment, which most of do not have. )
E A Koetting’s book Baneful Magick talks about the psionic techniques as well.


Oh that’s a good Point, they possibly could have been trying to get me out of the service. Also yes, the Christians in my family do those things although anyone else in the church could have.
Also that sounds like an interesting technique, I’ll look into it even if I don’t end up using it

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How do you really know that you were really being attacked by the Christian God? If He is a faithful God like the Bible says He is then maybe He is trying to get your attention or something. This is strange I have never heard of this. It could also be a confidence. Maybe your friend is just acting like he knows. What do you think?

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