Witchcraft spell casting using evocation of the demon Marquis Aamon

I am new to all of this, and just recently developed a fascination with demonology and candle magick.

A week ago, I found a witch online who advertised that she was offering black magick spell casting that involved evoking a demon to do the bidding of her clients. It was kind of expensive but I purchased the spell because I felt it could help me with a difficult situation I have been in since August. The witch told me that she would summon the demon Aamon, with whom she had cultivated a relationship with already, to make my “wish come true” (not sure how else to put it). Aamon is a Marquis of Hell, and is in charge of 40 demons. He is often called upon to assist in matters of love and reconciliation.

The spell was cast 5 or 6 days ago. Since then, 2 unusual occurrences that seemed to be of a supernatural nature have taken place in my home. Both were rather naughty, only one seemed just a bit aggressive. I emailed the witch if this could be Marquis Aamon visiting me, and she said yes. Told me to take a purifying bath and keep salt under my bed if the noises were waking me up. (They woke me up at 3:30 AM of course). I asked her if this is a sign that the spell is manifesting, and she answered, “most likely, yes.”

I wanted to know anyone’s opinions on signs of “manifestation” of a spell that is cast using evocation of a demon, and also if anyone knows anything about Marquis Aamon.
Are the supernatural occurrences a sign that he was visiting, even though I personally did not cast the spell - the witch did it on my behalf, and yes, she has my pictures and full name. By the demon visiting, does that mean that the spell will manifest soon? And how soon? Nothing unusual has happened in 24 hours, nor have I seen results of the spell yet.
I actually wish I could get the answers from Aamon myself…but is that possible?

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