Auto-Immune and/or Chronic Disease help?

Who have you guys worked with or asked for healing with stuff like this? I have hidradenitis suppartiva, and basically no one knows exactly how it happens—they think it’s an immune system disorder, maybe—and there’s no cure for it. I currently have a lump in my armpit that’s the size of a ping pong ball or really big marble, and it FUCKING HURTS. I just got diagnosed in the last year and I honestly don’t know how I’m supposed to live with this for the rest of my life, especially since it usually gets worse with age. I kinda just feel like my body is mutinying against me…

Who are the best spirits/beings/deities to ask for help with this? I feel like I ask and ask but nothing comes of it and I’m left feeling defeated. Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated!!! :blush:


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Greetings empress try something call ed atomy that will do the job ,people have been cured from stage for cancer in weeks peace love grattidude, their alot of drop off on you about healingbcancer holistically

Please use :mag: and look for Marbas and Buer. I had near instantaneous results on chronic AS.

Archangel Raphael is the man for this. Start working with him. And as your condition is quite severe I recommend working with him on a daily basis. Here is his sigildownload. Don’t be disheartened as he has cured more severe disease for me than yours.


I meant theirs alot of vendors on you tube for healing cancer holistically also

Colloidal Silver & Colloidal Gold. Superior to any medicine on earth. Second to Awakening.

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Please Source for properties for awakening or magicians