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Ok I’ve been on this journey since I was 2yrs old. I never stopped working on my craft; I’m very comfortable with them because they have been talking too me since I was 2yrs old. When the Goetia comes too you​:thinking:. Do that mean I’m ready and they are willing too work with me. I’m asking because Astaroth, Lilith, AIM and Aimosday came too me. I have their sigils . I do know for a fact that Astaroth is my grandmother. I need some confirmations Family . Is this what this means they want to work with me . That’s the question I’m asking :blush:. Sorry for typo I’m at work. It seems too me nobody can answer my question. The things I was taught as a child don’t work for me no more it only works for people who come asking me for help. Everytime I use what I use to use it don’t work for me only for others. I know I’m elevating but I can’t move on until I know. They lead me here to this site and … I wasn’t gonna say nothing but Astaroth keeps saying this is where I need to ask my question .

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I think they led you to this site as a way of proving that you are indeed ready, and that its time to learn what you can learn. When demons or any spirit come to you it doesnt automatically mean they are ready, but they can guide you to the point where you are. Ive had spirits (including my spirit husband) watching over me ever since i was born and it was 3 years ago (when i was 17) that i found out about them.

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Ok thanks for that little confirmation there. I say this because last year on Facebook. Minding my business and came across a whole new world on Facebook. Then all of a sudden a demo in human form popped up and sent me a friend request. Conversations took place and I accept him. Samuel. He told me along with other people that I was a therapist for demons and to sit back and think about all the unseen people I’ve helped until this point. I ignored him thinking other stuff because I didn’t think . So things stared happen not too me but people around me; then another demon pop up and come to find out that demon Parrish said the same thing. Then the second demon in human form told me that I’ve been talking with demon since before I was born but I’m UnCut RAW BALANCE. That’s how he said it too me. Phone, video was always static freezing up. Then unique things started coming asking me for help and I help

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Just for clarification, when you met Astaroth, is it through evocations, dreams or someone on Facebook just messaged you saying he/she was Astaroth? Because you mentioned that you met two self-proclaimed Demons online.

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