Hi. I’m new to this forum and magic in general. I have a few questions for those who wouldn’t mind.

  • I’ve heard to do some magic it is mostly focusing my mind “visualize” / pumping out or emotions in to it, and word stuff like ie chants/ invocations / mantras. Is there more if so what.
  • Are physical tools " knives, cups, wands and such things necessary or only help full.
  • I’ve tried to evoke Belial. I had two candles either side of me, red to the left of me and purple to the right. Insence, and his sigil in the triangle. sitting on a pentagram and was tranced out to the point where, my vision was being over layed with a black shadow or flashing that would cover every thing and recede. The windows where closed and the smoke was constantly pouring to wards me. I got exited but nothing happened seemingly. I tried going ahead with it pretending that he was there.
  • Does Belial have any significance with " blue , 34 , or Saturday ". Just checking to see if I got there close enough or it was just me.
    Upon refection I realized that I think my biggest problems are lacking in desire and near to no will power. I’m aspiring to soul travel, evoke , spellcasting while working towards owning my first house. Any answer, inspiration, tips are welcome.
    Thank you
  • Magic can be anything you do to get a desired result.

  • Physical tools are technically just helpful most of the time. It could be just 1% more helpful or a million times more helpful. Depends on you entirely.

  • Either you’re attempting astral vision and haven’t mastered it or you’re expecting for something to happen that’s somehow impossible. Keep in mind the LHP is a path of individuality. Everyone’s experiences will be different.

  • Traditionally Belial’s corresponding color is Yellow. His metal is gold and his planet is the Sun. Element is traditionally fire or earth. Not sure about specific day of week but Sunday might be a good correspondence due to his planet.


Belial was there. Its not possible to fail an evocation, he just may not have shown himself and/or you aren’t able to see him yet.

Trust yourself and your intuition. We’re all here to help you out. But #1 is you need to believe in yourself.

A lot of magic has to do with will power and desire. Those are the key factors.


And btw please have a look at these :slight_smile:

Cheers, and happy hunting,

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Read ,Read ,and experience
Knowledge about magick is VERY IMPORTANTING !!
I think that you should take sometime to learn as much as your hands could grasp of information
And work on your astral scenes, meditate on his sigil and ask for him to help you with your astral scenes, the only reason I’m saying this cuse it’s a slight commitment best of luck.

Also work on recognizing signs an entity is nearby

I’ll start looking in to it thank you.


Just like many other books out there, some of it works and some of it doesn’t. I did have some great results with the money related spells in the book :slight_smile: