Where can I find a Goblet of Fire, for Fire Scrying, like E.A.Koetting has?

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I just found this which is quite similar… maybe.

This is pretty sweet, and still live:


Listing/s for a seemingly identical item to the one E.A.uses, none currently available:


^ Good photos


i was just about to say:

Find an iron bowl, which you can hold a burning coal inside.
Those are usually reliable for other types of fire source aswell.
I personally would try out burning paste,
which is a gelee form of liquids which are burning reliably over a long period of time,
the ones we use in cooking have a blue / green flame while burning and hold up to 3-4 hours.

alternatetively you can make an oil lamp,
just get a little piece of old wool cloth in the middle,
standing supported by some iron wire,
and fill the bowl around it with oil / fat.
You can even use the oil you have for cooking in your kitchen,
while being the budget version now,
Oil Lamps have been used for hundreds of years as reliable fire spots.

those are my 2 cent’s on it.



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You really don’t need anything fancy, i use a stone motor i bought last year.


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Yeah! Thank you Lady_Eva.:sparkling_heart::kissing_heart:!
“The Goblet of Fire” (Tri-Wizard Trophy)




I wish I had a temple too! :smiley:

Well Well isn’t that a beautiful temple make sure you keep it respectable, you don’t want to end up tripping over a bit of fluff, very well done.:+1:

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I might know someone who may know where to purchase a Goblet of first ask Harry Potter then ask Albus Dumbledore.:wink:

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I missed this reply :blush: - wow that is AWESOME!! :black_heart:

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Something similar and a good price!


I hope that was ok to post, I’m not the merchant lol just happened to see it and though of this post.

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Nice find, yes perfectly okay, as you say you’re not the merchant and I know this has gotten a LOT of keen interest from members, so finding it available is a massive benefit to people who’ve been admiring it. :+1:

@SorcererSupreme check it out! :smiley:

You started a thing here baybee. :sunglasses:

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Thank you Lady_Eva.

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Found a reliable source for them

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