Why are angels so slow

Everybody always says this but I find Michael pretty efficient :woman_shrugging:


Angels have lives and when they don’t show either they refuse to or your calling didnt reach them.

Angels and demons are from the same plane of existence lol, besides distance has nothing to do with their workings.


For me they weren’t slow…They just didn’t worked and i think I’ll never ask for their help again. Maybe it’s my fault because I’m a beginner and i don’t know how to communicate well etc etc,but I’m here for the results and I’m tired of blaming everything on myself.
I wanted help,i asked and i didn’t get it,3 times 3 failures. Only 1 time something worked but not fully,so i don’t consider the half job as a Success.
Next time I’ll try something else.


U don’t have direct emergency line to them. hahaa. maybe that’s why they slow. slow express lane. Or your not on their list. your on the wait list. Others ahead of you. =o)


I am confused, if the angels are too slow, why not then call upon demons?

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I have heard that Demons tend to influence people more than Angels. If your workings have to do with influencing others perhaps that could be the reason? In my experience Angels have always been quite fast though, influencing others or otherwise


Because I take the afterlife seriously.

How does those two things correlate at all?


To me there is a difference but it is from person to person.

So my experience so far when comparing angels with demons when it comes to working with them for something such as job, love ect.

Angels tend to have a bigger picture on things as stated above. But they also tend to work “slower” because how high their vibration is. But if your naturally or work on getting close enough it could work a bit faster. Now how ever, if it isn’t for your highest good in that picture, my experience at least, it may or may not turn out how YOU want. Ever heard of “Oh I guess it was not ment to be?” They are also in ways softer when it comes to lessons. Don’t get me wrong, they can be just as scary as demons at times, but in some my experiences they tend to block some things from me instead of me learning from those experiences. But angels have more of a softer touch and will work around you while influencing you and not the person in question.

Now demons. I just started working with them so I have little to say when it comes to experiences. But one good example is King Paimon. I asked him to help me make a decision with a job that I was planning to leave but didn’t know how I was going to go and do it (hate quitting jobs). Welp just the next day I got fired for a stupid reason to where I felt no remorse on leaving that job and within two days I got hired at my new job with out any problems. So I can safely say where angels carefully carve out your plan that may take months, demons if need to be will in fact right there and then be like “Ok!” (Job ends just as you walk into work). So yes when doing things with them it’s especially good to have your plan set out EXACTLY how YOU want it and make it very very clear on your goal. So if your ok with change basically smash into your face or that obstacle to basically come to your door and barge in demons be good.

So if your ok with working towards something that you can have six weeks to wait or even years then angels be for you. How ever if that change is needed right now, I’d say demons.

Now another thing I’d like to say is it is also depending on the person. Like how some naturally are drawn to more (RHP) vs (LHP) we are naturally attuned to certain energies as well. So some of us are naturally more attuned to higher vibrational energy beings such as angels so it would feel natural to work with them and because of this they may see either better or faster results. Not saying someone more of shadow or even nature can’t get results, but it may take a bit more time and work. The same goes for people who is more naturally connected to demons. Now you can be someone in the middle like my self that can connect to both. Any one can work with both at the same time even for the same goal. I have read posts on here about this and at least an experience I had just of late has taught me that yes, this can happen. But another lesson I have learned is, try and not judge one being to heard before knowing them. This goes for any being in question. You never know, they may surprise you. As an example is my self, back a few months ago, I never thought I be doing a payer to a demon king let alone Lilith when I was praying to Michael to help me find a job. :slight_smile:


I don’t know, Uriel, Michael and Metatron have given me instant results, regular angels who have been part of my Thelemic experiments have been that fast as well. I have a friend who is a Christian witch who called various angels to protect his son, and the guy was immediately protected by random dogs, so I don’t know what are you doing wrong, I’m not an expert in angels, though

Edit to add: They also left me a sensation of happiness that is alien to my chronic depressive tendency, it was like a drug, it was what Christians are supposed to feel. However, I think that if I summoned them more often, I would eventually become numb to it


I think it might be interesting to note that your religious views could also have some effect on how an entity like an angel or demon responds to you. If you fear them or have negative ideas they might not react as fast as you want. I know you said that you respect them but maybe that’s why they aren’t working as fast because you’re not exerting an energy of authority. Angels are helpers and servants of God; so when we petition them we need to come with the authority of God. It’s not disrespect but it is the proper way to approach Angels since they are meant to help us. You don’t have to be derogatory when you petition them but don’t ask, command with authority. There’s a reason why most prayers that include angels demand action and don’t ask. That s how I was taught and it does work.


Truth will always debunk falsehood.
Why are angels so slow sounds funny when you have understanding.
It’s a good question when you don’t have understanding.
1+1= the book of numbers…beautiful when you understand.

Building things we use numbers.

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They aren’t slow, you’re just impatient.

In magick, you have to set it and forget it. Lusting for results gets you nowhere.


I’m impatient that’s true, I’m learning on how to invest in them properly.

no, 1+1=3 if it’s without condom, everyone knows that

I’m of the belief beings with “Arch” in their description; Archangels and Archdemons both have scoppe and speed. I’ve had more than several results from Kamael show up near instantly. I’ve also had enormous long term growth results shift from Asmodai and Belial.

Shem angels look at results spanning 3-5 years, Goetic Demons generally cover about 6 weeks or so though sometimes longer. Think volume vs margins. Not all are like this, Sallos acts more like an angel and some angels act more like demons.

Their wings are heavy :joy::joy: no disrespect just joking :joy:

Yes, and that 3 will always be 3 just like186000 mi/s is the speed of light . Now apply that same principle to God, devil, angel, demon or anything else. Now I ask you, what/who is the way, the truth and the life?

H20 is water, what does John 4:15 mean?