Demons Territorial Boundaries

Demons are not demons. They are entities of previous ancient religions that we no longer remember / have written history of. We’re lucky for Solomon tbh. Without his work, none of it would have been written down again for a long time.

So to answer your question :
They take energy from the place where they originated.


@VoodooWalk “They take energy from the place where they originated.”

Interesting! I know with many Wiccan rituals when you cast the circle that surroundd your alter you call on the four quarters and elements: North - Earth, East - Air, South - Fire, West - Water…

So when you say the energy where the demon originated is that a particular location on the globe or a particular element of nature or both?

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Demon is a racist term.


I guess because it’s better than gainning energy through other means? But they don’t take energy from their original elements either.

It doesn’t have to be anything at all, it could be through emotions or even something in the spirit world.

That’s not true! They are spirits in general. I mean, most of the ones we know, are from ancient religions and that’s why we know them. However, that doesn’t mean that’s all there’s to it. In other words, demons are spirits, like angels, etc. What you said about ancient religions isn’t a rule for their origins!

That’s not true either! Spirits can draw power from pretty much anywhere, as long as their strong enough to do it. They are godforms after all!

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I wouldn’t offer Lucifer a bucket of ice… Just saying.

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I mean, offerings and places that spirits draw energy from are different topics.


I’m not saying you’re wrong that they can gather energy from anywhere, I’m disagreeing with them not pulling their energy from somewhere they are more comfortable with. IE Hellfire.

Also, it is 100% true that they are gods / entities of previous religions, it says so in the Lesser Key of Solomon as well as the Goetia.

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If demons have no boundries, why is it that Deitys are assigned to different directions of the compass i.e. Asmodeus direction is East, Valac and Bael direction is West below is a link that lists bael and direction and element of fire:

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It’s not that they have boundaries. My main point was saying that they pull their energy from their element. So example - Belial is an Earth bound entity and pulls energy from the “Root” chakra.

In druidry, each chakra is associated with a different element. I’m assuming demons / entities are too.

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@VoodooWalk Of course, they prefer to draw energy from places they prefer, but I’m just saying that’s it’s not a rule, it’s just something they like to do.

This is a mistake most beginners make. They think that the only demons are the ones in these books or they have these books as their “bibles”. That’s a big mistake! These book can give you some knowledge, but don’t put them above anything else. You have a lot to learn, but you should see that as a possitive thing!

Yes and no. Another mistake beginners make is thinking that energy is different (aka root chakra energy, another element energy, etc.) Energy is energy, however, it may be filtered, it can be unfiltered by a master. Lucifer for example, is a master! In other words, it can take energy from water and change its filters. However, you need to remember that energy is the same everywhere. Don’t use logic in this one, for there is none when it comes to the spirit world!

@lawclerk Well, most rituals use directions to guide the energy towards something. But they’re NOT needed.


But what if we use it as a term of super sexy endearment. Tbh, demons turn me on. Maybe a niche fetish but DEMONS ARE HAWT!

And I’m not talking just sexy pictures or this incubus/sucubus stuff. You let them in and well they can rock your world. Maybe obsession. If they are earth spirits then it seems natural living spirits in meatsuits would interact with earth spirits. And we have air, and water and fire heat. But we have the sun, moon, stars and planets.

I hear too many accounts of people losing themselves while singing in concert, playing a sport, doing something they’ve invested all their efforts in. They say it’s like OBE, or possession in a way or their vibrational selves areco-mingling with something else. And it’s now not even religion or occult related.

Perhaps spirit-human interaction is akin to a PBJ sandwich or bar and there’s a wide variety of mixed drinks to be made.


Since demons have no boundaries across the globe could the answer be the reasons the four corners are called is due to the fact that you are calling all directions of the earth to see what spirit will respond irregardless of the directions or elements due to your casting and energy level?

If this true I am still curious as to why demons are assigned a direction of the compass? I am not talking about energy levels or elements just assigned directions to deitys.


I guess there’s some meaning to it from the physical perspective, so that some rituals can work with some spirits or something like that. Or it may even has some mystical meaning to it.

Howevere, the fact doesn’t change that directions don’t play a big role here. There are no directions in the spirit world really, or at least not as we know them here…


Thank you!


From my experience they don’t give a fuck about boundaries. If they want to appear to u as something out of your worst nightmares they will, and if u ask them to change because it scares you they will. but as for having boundaries on the earth, no they will come and go where and whenever you or they want.


Neither. The construct of reality I feel is far more complex than our human vessels are capable of fully understanding. I feel like I have caught just a microscopic fragment of a glimpse of a glimpse if even of just how extraordinary and ineffable existence and life really is.(Through psilocybin mushrooms, magic ritual, and power of will, over a span of time to achieve a slightly more evolved level of conscience ect. than I was before I broke through the veil…) It faded but the mental facilities remain. I do not believe how we view our planet(physical universe) Also time and many other things is correct. Mainly because we are taught a story that leaves all the extraordinary and magical tales of this planet and humanities past as mere imaginations of primitive human beings. I am not saying I have the answers or that everything we are taught about reality and our universe is false I just believe we are only seeing .00000000000000000000000000000000000000000009% of Existence/Life as a whole.

-So back to the question. I feel like certain entities may resonate with certain location better, just as certain times of year of day/night. Just as we as humans do. But also I feel like there is also a spiritual origin. An origin of the being as they exist beyond this Reality. If they are a being that does so. I don’t have a solid belief on everything im saying here im just stating what is in my mind. I feel like mental landscapes are more important than any physical item or object or place/time when communicating with beings beyond or current dimensional perception. We are the Universe living itself and everything is happening at once and from the outside there is no time only when the singularity takes form in conscience egos do we experience time, and life as we know it. But really who’s to say… I really wish I knew!


So it is all really just in our own mind and thoughts and power of our will. There is no need to fear a region or location just the mind behind it? One of the more puzzling aspects of demonology is the freedom that Satan and demons appear to have in roaming the earth, I thought each demon would be assigned a region or territory. If the condemned are consigned to Hell for all eternity, why is Satan allowed to wander about outside of Hell? Isn’t he supposed to be ruling in Hell along with his minions and the other condemned? Further, it doesn’t seem that he is suffering one bit, but rather having a grand time wreaking havoc on the earth…

Personally I feel like the information we have on demonology and “satanism” is all propaganda from whatever advanced entity is manipulating this planet or reality. That’s why I am In love with this forum and BALG in general. I believe it is the most raw information we have on these topics because it is current and channeled by members of our generation. I abandoned the Satan god story years ago…Though it has it’s percs especially in identifying with the righteous rebel spirit haha, but other than that I believe it actually hinders the pursuit of truth.

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This site BALG is a gold mine!!

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