Questions about succubi

I have thoroughly read through many threads about relationships with succubi, but I am left in the dark with two questions: A. Do you actually feel your succubus in real life? I don’t mean if they can feel you but if you can feel them. B. Does your succubus talk to you in real life inside your mind rather than in your dreams?
Thank you!

I am not gonna repeat myself a third time my friend.Do your introduction.

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Sorry ok

curious about this myself, I’m interested to see what people say.

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I’ve read so many different things so I’m curious to know if it’s different for everyone.

Yes, you can feel your succubus, you didn’t feel yours touch you when she came to you. Light touches. I’m guessing you don’t have your astral senses open. They can talk to you in your dreams.

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That depends on your senses, not theirs. If you haven’t worked on your senses you’re at best numb to their feelings or it’ll simply be this ambiguous feeling you wont know if it’s them or yourself. It’ll pretty much be confirmation bias of yourself.

Again if your senses aren’t worked on it’ll most likely be in your mind, clairaudiance can almost seem like it’s a physical voice depending on how further along you are in it.

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I have not summoned a succubi yet I plan on summoning tomorrow.

Or thursday, if you will, since it will be at 3 am

I don’t experience my incubus 24/7. I experience it as real as any other sexual experience but I do this astrally. Sex is a lot better this way because you can literally do it all night, mostly because you won’t want to stop once you start because it’s that pleasurable. In astral, the conversation is clear and coherent as any conversation. You can get names , how you know each other, why they came to you ect.