How do I summon a demon?

Hi I’m new to all this and I’m trying to figure out how to even start, if anyone had any helpful tips they would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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The first place to start is the word demon. Daimonion in the Greek was a principle guiding spirit such as mentioned by Socrates. However Babalon/Sumeria has giddim which are the evil demons of the underworld or hades. These demons are primarily in the Sumerian/Babylonian/Assyrians and are doers of harm.

The word magic comes from the Egyptian word Heku or Heka the same as the god. It was magic and a god. When the Egyptians and Babylonians merged so did their magic, particularly the foremost magicians were the Chaldeans still alive today in Chaldea as recognized by the ancient Persians.

Pazuzu and Lamashtu are examples of Babylonian demons who stole children and drank blood. Pazuzu was prince of the air. Many of the talismans and amulets worn by the practitioners of magic were intrinsic to their belief system. Such as the scarab to the Egyptians it guarded the heart and is on every necklace as a symbol of protection. Or like the ankh, it means life, inverted means death. When summoning demons the ancients used protective devices to ward them off.

This leads to demons crying bowls in Aramaic. It was the ancient belief that when your child died in a horrible way it was The goddess Lamashtu.

Many of us on here take the view, based on experience working with them, that they’re just beings, and that they were all painted as evil during the Christian era 9though it cannot be denied some demons are harmful, and some spirits are innately malevolent).

The modern method of evocation we talk about a lot on here tends to emphasise the idea they are just beings, with agendas, not cosmic poison. For that reason I use methods of evocation like this:

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Also Aleister Crowley summoned a few demons but it was location specific. The accounts of the demons vary greatly from Victor Benjamin Neuburg his protege.

You should begin by reading about Lamashtu, Pazuzu, then read about demon scrying bowls used by the ancients to ward of demons. The demon trap bowl is an ancient incantation usually in Aramaic.

I usually refer to demons based on age. The oldest being Sumerian. It depends on the culture as to the demonic, I usually don’t look to Christian theology as they consider anything beyond the doctrine as evil. However the Jews have the Yetzer Hara יֵצֶר הַרַע. The evil inclination within all humans.

In particular Hinduism demons were the rakshasa राक्षस or man eaters who teach the mantra to humans. These roam the countryside and dwell in patala the underworld. literary origins can be traced to Vedic sources through Hymn 87 of the tenth mandala in the Rig Veda.

Lamashtu Dimme however was definitely an evil demon goddess technically the first vampire who menace women during child birth. With evocation one should study the diety to know what the practitioners practiced.

Do you believe all gods except the Chritsian one are harmful to mankind?

No, I don’t believe any gods are harmful to mankind, I believe mankind is harmful to mankind. The priests and priestess are the ones who molest children, and practice human sacrifice, not the gods.

Well, no-one on here is advocating for either, and we do generally tend to believe “demons” and other gods are real, based on working with them over long periods of time.

Luckily for us the gods didn’t develop the nuclear bomb, science and humans did. However there is a place in the Rig Vedas that the ancient alien theorists pull from to apply the gods using nukes on mankind. I hardly believe it however as it wasn’t until the 50s that the reactor took hold.

Some people say that information was channeled.

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Where did they get the idea though? @Etheric_Vagabond beat me to that one! :laughing:

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Well Jack Parsons channeled something in science right before he imploded himself. However, he did a crap load to further science aerospace engineering before he did it. Kudos on him!

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I offer to have sex with them in a myriad of ways. It seems to work and by sex its a pretty sexy invocation. Doesn’t matter now if I have doubt in the beginning as once the seed is planted they come. But those that do dome distract me at times from various workings.

Candles, calling, meditation, altar offerings, or even doodling for me can work. Each person will be different. You know how when you’re somewhere and you hear your name even if the speaker or person is talking to someone else? I find that is similar with spirits. They hear you so call them.