Lucifer summoning

Well, Lucider has helped me a lot along with King Paimon. They are both my mentors and I learn a lot from them.

I haven’t asked much from Lucifer so the little things come right away. But spiritually talking, he has helped me become stronger by sending more info my way for things that I need to know, just like King Paimon does.

I always thank both of them and pray to them every day.

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I called upon him by name.

Apparently it’s stupid-easy for me to work with angelic entities, and he’s technically angelic…


Well as Lucifer likes to joke about, He’s the perfect contradiction


My thoughts and ideas are more clear after asking Lucifer’s help!

Can someone share Lucifer’s enn coz I have been trying to summon him through pathworks but I am not able to feel his presence, and I will be honest I am a beginner so I am looking for some guidance so someone pls help

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look up Satan and suns

His enn is:

Renich Tasa Uberaca Biasa Icar Lucifer

I just started a journal on the journal room chronicling my journey with Lucifer if you are interested. I’m newer as well…so we can support each other! lol

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I really liked the experience that you shared it was a lesson for me too thank you

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Oh Course! Keep tuning in! I’m going to be updating it as regularly as possible.

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So can u guide me to summon Lucifer coz I am eager to meet him and I really need to ask certain things wishing that he would teach me like he did to u

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send me a pm and I’ll answer any questions you have and share what I can…but I would also suggest that you use the search function…just type in Lucifer and thousands of things will show up to learn from!

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can you help me in summoning lucifer and king paimon

There are already threads about that. Please search the forum for more info.

can you help me finding the forum i am new here

You can use the search function (the magnifying glass) on the top right (near your icon on the top right). Then, use keywords such as “Lucifer” or “Lucifer summoning”, etc. And you’ll find many results. Do your research and check out what’s good for you.

bro can you give me the chant and the enn in video pls

Just did so. Don’t want to go into details about how I summoned him, but as soon as I began praying to him I felt his presence, and welcomed him to my temple. I did not ask for much, just that he would enlighten my mind and sharpen my abilities, a few other things, but nothing monumental. His presence is very empowering, to say the least. I made my decision to walk the left hand path within the last 8 years, and in no way am I an adept at this, but I believe most of the fear mongering that goes on regarding him is false. As long as you recognize his high position, and treat him honorably and with respect, there is no reason to fear him. He has helped me tremendously in many areas of my life.

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Hello Magick,

Hope you are fine. I am going to start this from tonight. i am going to request lucifer something and hoping it will work out. As I never done something like this before can you kindly tell me the process abit please

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