Home .. where is it?

Longing for home. You know it’s not on this plane. What and where is this place. And is the spirit world calling you there?
Is it because some of us are of the fae etc.?
So why don’t we feel totally grounded to the earth if we are of earth. (I know, we got a soul* too that connects us to other planes…) but where is that place, that magic or sensitives can actually feel and know is home, and can feel so in this world (too). I just so badly want to have a breakthough and understand. To actually contact and awaken the spirits, and actually do the ‘looking inside your heart’ to find the answers too, to find out who we are/I am.
What are your views on home which many magicians so long?


The Earth is not out home. Our home is in the spirit realms. This place is place that spirits are reincarnated into. We are put inside the horrible bodies and are made to live on this horrible place we call Earth.


But do we have loved ones or parents from a past life that may call or remind us?. Or does one soul remember the imprint of its spirit birthplace that it wants to go back or reconnect and have some peace from this mechanical world?


Spirits can only call us (I think) if we have raised our astral senses. or they can come in dreams.

Sorry, but I completely disagree with all this hating on the physical world.

Did we really need a third thread that is nothing but whining about how bad the physical is?

If there is one thing magick has taught me, it is that this place is only as good or bad as we make it. It is neither horrible nor perfect, it just is.

We have the ability within us to make this world into whatever we want. If you want to escape, then maybe the RHP goal of dissolving into the Source would be more to your liking, because that is not what the LHP is all about.

@political_taco you stated in your intro that you haven’t cast a single spell nor spoken to a single spirit so where did you get this ridiculous idea that our “home” is the spiritual worlds? That’s what religion teaches, not Ascension, and certainly not black magick.

We are here to become gods. That is the purpose of the physical world because it is not possible anywhere else. Not in some ethereal spirit realm, but here and now. We possess the potential to become literally anything. It is only from the singularity of our physical form that we can truly become limitless. We are all so much more than the demons, angels, and gods we call upon. Why would someone want to stick themselves into an existence that is so limited? Angels, demons, and gods cannot act outside of their specific office. Time and space may not exist to them, but there are constraints on what they are capable of doing. They cannot act in the physical world without our permission for one thing. They certainly do not have the freedom to act that we do.

The so called spirit realms are NOT our home. If the definition of home is where we come from, then it would be the Eternal Source, not some backwater dimension.


I know what you mean. I kind of view Earth as a sort of job. I don’t have to like it, I committed to it for a reason I’ve forgotten, but I’ll follow through and do what I said I’d do. Ascension is part of the job though, if I wasn’t incarnate I wouldn’t need to ascend, would I?

But I have this at different levels. I have a longing to get back to the Schwartzwald region, which I had a fae past life in and I’m very fond of the energy of the land there.
I have a longing to return to my place in Azazel’s crew, though I’ve outgrown that now I feel attached to that experience.

In the end, I think it may be, that there is no going back, there is only forwards.


Ah, “home” is nice, but honestly the physical plane is more fun, plus, I have less duties here lol
If nothing else, take it as vacations!

<-- Master Procrastinator Ftw!

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The goal objective of my post wasn’t geared and meant to portray ‘hate’ to the physical world as you may understand my question what Im asking about is a feeling of home, a calling in the spirtual, and feel a restlessness til we find it; understand it what you may. You may also notice I said ‘to feel so in the physical world too’. (Also Im not talking ‘heaven or hell’ here), and calling out ‘rhp’ here and pointing out that another knows very little is not ok. We are all not perfect and on a journey here, begginers adepts and inbetweener whatnots,( who sometimes do feel overshadowed) ,everyone can discuss freely but respectably as I understandand it , as this is a discussion forum for all levels is it not?. So yes I do take on board the part that you express that we are of this world and finding our godhood.
Yes we live on this physical world I get that, but the discussion was about the pulling and yearning of and the peace that is found there in the calling to the spirit magic, fulfilling asencion, or whatever you call it; if there is a situation, place or reason, the point of asencion to your uniquie right place too, that brings and knowing your peace - like you’ve found home. And that is very much to do with the happiness and fulfilment of this world. Pulling all the missing factors in what it might be or what it feels like. Im sorry if I dont express myself properly at times and if I tend to fall through. If you dont feel it/resonate with you, thats fine. But I do feel there is a spirit person/ place of peace I can recall in a non phsical sense too that is a missing, that can be incorporated and fixed into the here and now… I won’t go on. Your probably way above us all, dominating everything in godhood, very commendable, wish I was there too.
(Ps Its not the first time I thought I might just leave this site because of things I found hurtful or misunderstood, (generally people are helpful and nice here, but the clash of dominant charachter, especially when it touches a personal spot for me…) but the hunger for magic and occult knowledge and to understand the invisables keeps me here. Its a very very good forum in my oppinon, so much that one can’t find or discuss anywhere else, but alittle bit more empathy in a ‘god’ I find commendable. Also abit more tact in understanding different viewpoints, (as many of us have come out of rhp, and pointing things out is fine, but in a way of goading a student who doesnt understand… would you snap at them for not getting something right first time?) Also being nonjudgemental generally, and freethought, is a very lhp virtue I believe. But who am I to talk.
I think I’ll put myself on a backbench for now. Zip. Consider post closed.

Humans have an innate desire for connection to something “bigger” than ourselves. That is why unity is one one of the most powerful, as well as most destructive, forces on this planet. In the desire for connection, humans can accomplish the miraculous, as well as the most vile of atrocities.

This desire for connection is not limited to the spiritual. It is part of the human condition, as much as the desire for comfort and security is. What you interpret as a desire for “home” is part of everyone, not just magicians. It is an animal longing to belong to something. The thing is, no one really knows what exactly this yearning is for, and so interpret it through whatever lens fits with their personal biases.

I apologize if you didn’t like what I said, but it is within my right as a member here to call out someone who denounces the physical as religion does, without any personal experience of the magical realities, just as much as it is for someone else’s right to go off on “political correctness” because it is their personal bugaboo, which a bunch of people like to do regularly.

I guess you could say hatred of the physical is my personal bugaboo.

This was political_taco’s 8th post talking about how much he hates the physical, but he has no experience of anything outside of it. He doesn’t know how the spiritual worlds actually operate through personal experience. This idea that somehow the “spiritual” is better than the physical is pure religious dogma, and we go after religious dogma all the time on this forum. Only life hating religions demonize the physical as dirty and something to be escaped from, because that fosters a yearning for death and prevents people from using their power to make things better.

Personally attacking me because you don’t like what i said isn’t necessary to defend your opinions. I only stated my own opinion just as much as you and political_taco did, and never claimed anything else beyond having experience in the spiritual worlds.

And yet, you are judging me for what I said…


Eve was complimenting you on your magic abilities. Why do you think she was judging you?

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@Eve1, home is relative because it can exist in many different places and infinite possibilities. I do believe that our souls also do incarnate/exist on other planets in other galaxies. The reason I say this is because when I was really young, before I saw any shows or movies about outer space, I had a very vivid dream (the first dream I ever remembered). The dream was of me standing in a dark room, like my study, on a space craft that had a floor to ceiling window. I looked out at all the stars and at the various planets and I was looking at Earth and in the dream I remember feeling very sad because I was saying goodbye to space and going to Earth and didn’t want to go. The strangest thing was that in this dream I was an adult human male. (I was a 3 or 4 year old child when I had this dream.) It seemed so real that I can still remember that I woke up crying and I had this intense longing to be free in space again!
Maybe I’m wrong but I believe that could be proof that this exists.
I totally enjoy the physical and love being in nature here on Earth…some of the people though… lol


Off topic here, but just out of curiosity why is it like this?
How can we aim to be or consider ourselves limitless when the spirits who help us are themselves constrained at some level.

The limitations of the spirits that we work with are not tied into our own potential for limitlessness.That’s like saying that your 5th grade teacher driving a Volvo has a bearing on your ability to drive a Porsche.

My thought on it is this: They want us to unlock the potential we have, as all teachers do, and even the most naturally gifted athlete needs someone to guide them and show them how to begin. Bruce Lee required Ip Man to unlock the physical skills that were hiding inside. Stephen Hawking needed the foundations of other physicists and mathematicians to further his own genius intellect. This is the purpose our work with the spirits serves.

Both eventually surpassed their teachers, and we all possess the potential to surpass ours, and when we do, the physical form will truly become a vessel for the Eternal.


Fwiw I agree with everything DK wrote in his 1st 2 posts in this topic but especially this, I mean thousand-fold.

Life is a quest for meaning, that’s not a problem to be cured by shedding your earthly form, it’s a situation to enjoy and have fun!

First, you seek meaning outside yourself, looking for that “out there” perfect truth and meaning: later the penny drops, and you create it from within, according to your personal taste and what amuses you.

We’re one of the few groups of humans for whom literacy, access to magickal education, and almost any other form of learning is at our fingertips, go back 300 years and most people here would be wondering if they can feed their family through the winter.

And, ironically, probably far happier at an existential level. :laughing:


Actually to answer in another way, home is where the heart is - so long as your heart is questing for something other, it will never find a home, and you will never feel happy.

Core shamanism is derived from shamanic practices around the world: what all have in common is the concept of the axis mundi, the central pillar or tree or column or mountain that everything else revolves around, and is in relation to.

This is the first concept of Home, the focal point, the place of ascent (as smoke rises upwards from the fire)… the place to which you always come back.

If you feel a sense of home is lacking, look into core shamanism and creating your own axis mundi, that way you’re always Home. :smiley:


Home is where they sell really good beer :beer:
I lost my sense of “home” a few months ago, which was really shocking because “home” was a safe term for me until then and I was very sure that nothing could change that. Maybe it is connected to my spiritual journey and maybe it was necessary but it shocked me nonetheless. My “home”-feeling (the best feeling ever) was gone all of a sudden, everything was like it has been cut off.
I’m about to create a new one, so this feeling will return to me one day. It can’t be helped.


Home of where the heart is is definetely where there is alot of MONEY to be made. Because you then can afford to build the home you love.


This might be also a question of sense of belonging and recognition of different parts of you. Your body is bound to the earth and so are many feelings and logic that comes with human brain. Also does sense of belonging come with brain or with the soul? And what defines home? Is it a familiarity? I believe to be able to find the real answers is about identifying if the need is not just coming from fear of not belonging as it is easier to fantasise about something that is not reachable rather than finding the place you feel like you belong to within this life. You are here for a reason it is just very difficult to find the real reason of ones existence on this planet. (My first post to this forum so please be kind:) )


Welcome to the forum, @LuciFauve, Please take a moment to click the image below and introduce yourself:


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Thanks @DarkestKnight I’ll do that as soon as I get to my computer. That’s too long of a post to type on the phone:)

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