Performing Magick when Depressed

Read through a few topics on depression and Magick. I can’t seem to find what I was seeking. So I’ll start a topic.

Many people go through depression. It might not be something causing this depression other than one’s brain or chemistry feeling nothing. This emptiness even when life is almost perfect and filled with rainbows and sunshine.

Periodically this depression hits me and I don’t feel like doing any Magick. Nothing motivates me. I just want to sit in the dark corner of my closet and hopefully just pass away. Don’t worry, I go to theraphy and work through things. Fight suicidal ideations. I plan, but never go through.

Many times I know my spirit demon guardians saved me from certain death. And I mean certain death several times. I thank them for it. And because of them, I fight on.

I’ll take this time to let those out there that’s going through a dark moment, that there are people, spirits, entities that care. Take a breathe a hear them.

Now my question, how when depress should one still perform magic? What baby steps would you recommend?


You can start doing small things. I was depressed too at the time and this helped me:

Eat healthy
Have cleaning bath to get rid of negative energy
Identify what bothers you, be honest with yourself, and you can use simple sigil magick to bring yourself up
Self-reverence; see yourself as a high, valuable person


As well as the previous comment, I would use magic just a mild and comfortable way to achieve my spiritual needs, focusing more on pampering myself and cleansing my energy instead of being so focused on evocations.


I have both War and childhood PTSD. So, depression is something that I’m more than familiar with. Obviously it affects us differently, but there are a variety of coping mechanism I use (having gone through professional therapy in the past). Exercise was mentioned already.

I was having a rough go of it yesterday, as a matter of fact. Instead of doing a evocation for one of my Deities, I decided to light up the incense and candle, and just work on a wand blank. Fired up my ritual music and went to it (manual tools). I put the feelings into both my hand tools (mostly files at this point) and the wood itself. About an hour later, I was a lot better.

I had exercised earlier that day, but the ritual music, incense, and something to focus on may be something I try in the future as a second-line action to take. Maybe give something similar a try?


I have suffered from depression for many years and went through counseling and went to a. psychiatrist. I still go to this very day.
I work hard and sometimes I take breaks. The Demon I work with knows I suffer from depression n works with me through these trying times. I personally think he’s awesome n compassionate. I know not ever Demon will take us on but there are those that will. I did not really pick him. He picked me and I am proud of that fact.
Depression is hard to fight, I know because I have it. I try to combat it by keeping busy by cleaning house, laundry, dishes, n etc… Also listen to relaxing music or jam on rock n roll or whatever your prefer. Stay busy or listen to music to drive those thoughts out of your head. I know not everything works for the same person. I just find it therapeutic to stay busy n listen to music. Also depression not only hurts you but it hurts your family n loved ones. They love you very much. You must be very special if your Demon stays by your side too n supports you. He must care a lot about you.
Wishing n Blessing you the most my sister,


I highly recommend Chakra working… Focus on empowering your solar plexus Chakra… Throat Chakra… Sacral Chakra… Use mantras


Cleansing both your space and yourself, plus some mediation would be simple things to do and probably incorporate into a future routine. Always good practices :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing. I went to the gym today, listened to some music, had a healthy breakfast, said good morning to my guardians. It’s a step.
The working out and music felt like active meditation. I was able to focus on me and my body and spirit. So thank you!


A suggestion, do it even if you don’t feel like doing it. Sure, it might seem like nothing will help, but you should do it anyway because not doing it won’t help.


@Dmonnte​:orange_heart::orange_heart::orange_heart: :hugs: get well soon! What made you depressed intially? What was the reason to make you sad? I really hope you didn’t lose somebody dear to you. Otherwise everything could be corrected - love, money, court, enemy issues. Everything will be as you want to be! Just be clear to yourself what exactly do you want and need to make you happy! I think that this should be the first baby step - claiming “I am not feeling well because I lack … and I want… and no, I don’t want some …let’s say mediocre widower because the bodybuilder wouldn’t pay me any attention, I want the best looking man on earth”. Good luck :hugs:


What helps me the most is living a life balanced between long-term projects and short-term pleasures. I like to cultivate hobbies that are nourishing and stimulating, as this helps my mind stay active and engaged with the present moment while still looking to the future with good expectations. I choose to do work that is fulfilling and meaningful to me, while allowing me to earn the financial returns that I want to have.

It can sometimes be easy for me to get caught in an endless spiral inwards while my external life becomes stagnant. A rich and deep inner life is important to me, but it needs to be balanced with living in and engaging with the world.

This is why many of my hobbies are artistic in nature, while my work is largely analytical and people-centric. Creating and engaging with art and creative endeavours allows me to connect my inner life with my outer life in a nourishing and productive way (and it often gives me a break from people, which I often need). It allows for a sense of progression over time as I consume and create more art.

I know that it can be hard to start something new when you’re feeling depressed, and what helps me is creating some sort of accountability, however small. Commit to doing something every day for 3 days. Then, commit for 7 days. Then, 30 days. There will inevitably be days when you don’t feel like doing the thing. Remind yourself of your commitment (maybe even have it marked on your calendar) and carry on, even if you don’t do as much as normal. Once you create a habit, it is actually more difficult to stop than it is to keep going, even for “tough” things like eating well or exercising.

I wish you the best, Dmonnte (love the profile pic btw, maybe you could try writing an anime screenplay, or a light novel, or learn to draw?)


learn nlp. fix your depression by way of thought process un-conditioning. did college research on depression. It’s just neg. thoughts running in loops. Some from drugs. most from bad habit of thinking bad stuff. Sometimes it’s body posture habit combine with neg. mind. Raise your arms. you can’t be depress when body up right and smiling. sometimes it’s from illness causing depression. Tough to fight when one is ill as most resources are gone. psych don’t help. they drug you and you depend on it. counseling don’t help, they talk you to death about it. NLP or hypnosis is the fastest cure. There’s actually an nlp process just for depression. time line therapy helps too. part of nlp tools. Check out NLP. lots of people cure from it. These are just suggestions, i’m no doctor. Worth checking out. All it is , is just knowledge about how the mind works. Some would argue that it’s physical chemicals. Yes it is, however, its the thought process that influence those chemicals as well as drugs affecting the chemicals in one’s head. The source is the thought process. Its like the question of the chicken or the egg. which came first? some research think the chemicals cause the depression or the bad thoughts. I say the bad thoughts cause the depression. And sometimes people are in depression for so long they think it’s illness due to being constantly depress chemicals that our own brain makes all the time from bad thinking when it’s actually bad thinking process that started it. Stop the bad thinking and soon brain won’t create the depresssion chemicals. of course there might be withdrawals symptoms.

Most of life is base on one’s emotional state. Once you learn that, you can be motivated to do anything.


thanks for the share

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I had some gnarly depression when I started on my path. In my particular instance (please understand this isn’t any sort of rule, just my experience) it [depression] was a way of bringing my attention to habits that were injurious. For instance, [residual army programming] I had a knack for poisoning myself with alcohol. That led to me making a fool of myself, which resulted in self-hate which I drowned with alcohol. You get the idea. Best piece of advice is do the work Don’t think about it, just do it. Go for a walk in nature. Go make new friends. Go keep a journal. I understand it can seem impossible, consider your body as a video game character - one that you want to improve. Best of luck, you got this!


I have had some really bad periods mentally when I first started too.

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Here I go again - Banishing!

Picture your depression as an entity, then banish it to the four cardinal directions. Sets up a force field if you start when not depressed. If depressed, feel the depression leaving you, feeding your image, then banish.

Al. Takes practice.