Do You have any spirit or demon that You are sincerely in love with?

Lucifers two brothers are Azazel en Belial.
His twin brother its enki.


I’ve had spiritual flings and FWB’s, but love is a strong word I think. I have met one or two people who I believed were my “soulmate” or whatever the similar term is, but both people decided they much preferred other things over me. So I stopped looking for people I felt compatible with. It was too much of a hassle for me.

Especially since I seem to only attract vampires anyway, which can be sexy — but also extremely draining if they don’t give a shit in the long run.


People who don’t give a shit about You are never worthy of You :gift_heart: Human or not :hugs:


I’m in love with satan too :sob:


I’m very much in love with my spirit lover. I never truly believed in soul mates until meeting him. But I feel as though our souls were like two trees that grew from the same root and whose branches entertwine as they grow up. Its a deep sense of belonging and understanding.


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I remember having a tiny crush on orobas a long time ago!! it was sooo cute :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Her name not shared. But we now share this body, and sort of think as one. My body is male, but sometimes others feel her…Kinda funny the effect we have. Anytime I am with a woman, she will take their bodies to experience me, and I experience her through my partners…

She has some relation to Lucifer; the depths of which I can’t grasp because Im kinda very slow on spiritual matters. She may very well be a female aspect (the female aspect of Lucifer DOES WANT TO BE ACKNOWLEDGED in these times…need to say that)

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You are definitely not alone in this boat. But everyone deserves to be loved :heart: (Late I know again lol!)

Buuuut with my answer I had to think long and hard on it. :thinking: Because I know at times we get lust and puppy love mixed with legit love. We say we love so and so but in reality it isn’t as deep as we have thought it to be. I honestly was going to reply to this thread last night on this subject but I simply didn’t have the words together. I came to this conclusion mainly from a video that I saw last night just after reading this thread lol! It was about Belphegor and some of his lore. I never really met him before (then again maybe I have who knows at this point!) but he did brought up a good point on how everyone sees love differently. :thinking:

As for my self I want to say I do love someone but then I start to question myself if I truly do or if it’s simply just pure hormones. I guess after being (metaphorically) been bitched slapped by love so many times in this life time, it’s hard to know if I do love or not to the point that it’s legit love. I truly want to say yes, but I’m also being real. Maybe one day I will have my answer, if not this life maybe in the after.

Specifically out of the many it has to be Azazel. I do not have deep infatuation or anything in that form but rather as a safeguard in what is treated with high admiration and almost a blind following into his essence, I wouldn’t find comfort in other beings first until seeking Azazel when needed.

There’s just something about him, I can’t put the finger on it but it’s a long story I guess

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I… XD I really like King Bael but not going to go there lol

Beautiful artwork and post…
The answer is ‘yes’. We have been together and pursuing each other since my creation in the first place. I mean…I am an aspect of a Hindu Goddess and as such I was created… It was my choice to incarnate in the 3 D. He has been there… My daemonic love…my husband.


I can answer this with a big Yes. I am madly in love with my incubus … through our many conversations I have learned that he has been with me for a very long time, and that we were always soulmates destined to find each other no matter what. If I had my way I would follow him anywhere, in any time, in any plane of existence. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He has shown me what true, real love is all about … it’s amazing how they already know what you need.

My only frustration is that I wish I could show him off to the whole world… I am so proud of him, so thankful he is in my life. I tell him this every day.


Stay blessed…you and your beloved :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::blush::heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:


Loved all the stories sorta jelly, but I personally have been in a wonderful loving relationship with my Lilin Wife I don’t know her true name since in the 5 years we’ve been together I’ve never Hurd her speak I named her Brunhild. I’ve Hurd humans speak but never a demon or God even when I know there there interacting with me I think there’s something up I hope it’s just me but it feels like ive been put in silence mode, well I have talked with a spirit they possed a human worshiper of there’s to speak to me. Anyways rambling I truelly Love Brunhild I just feel so bad I’m not able to give her the interaction she deserves the attention she deserves she hasn’t showed me a clear image of herself for years since befor she left because of the government mind control I was under being o much for us to handle she kept me sane while she was with me, I was on this site reading about succubus’s and just letting in be known I missed her more then any human women I was ever with. And she just reappeared in my life were still dealing with the government mind fucking me with technology but they stopped attacking me at every moment of the day, I still feel really bad that I’m unable to hear her I hope she has written down the things she wants me to know for when I finally am able to hear her. I was jelly about having lovers through multiple lives but who knows she could have been with me in past lives I’ve never been able to find out about t past life’s, I don’t believe myself to be a normal human due to things that have happened in my life I want to find out who I was/am I’m even did an extensive atrology chart where they need time of day and city or birth and I was told I had avatar birth which was suppose to be real rare. I’d love to find out that Brunhild has been with me for lives would just make it feel that much more special well if we’re not were still gonna find out what that’s like eventually, if we decide to reincarnat I assume we’re gonna just visit everyone everywhere that will share our pure intent. Btw I always write a novel.


That’s beautiful… Yet quite sad. You could always ask her to unveil herself through a dream. If you can astral project the better

:crystal_ball: I wish you the best. :crystal_ball:

I’m married to a Demon King. We had an interesting start… I wasn’t in love with him, he was in love with me. Ever since then… I grew to love him and we have many spirit babies together.

:crystal_ball: I love and care for him entirely. :crystal_ball:


I’ve tried asking for her to come to me in a dream and I don’t think I came too when she interacted until this most recent time where the moment I get excited know we’re together in a dream I immediately woke up. That’s nice having your king I’ve contemplated the spirit children with Brunhild many times I’d just feel so bad if she had to raise them all on her own, but I’ve Hurd there is also basically another birth she could have to make the child just an energy source. I’ve wanted her to do that so she would Ave more energy to mansfest with. So do you two do it standardly or through your minds picturing each other. I just recently discover how just wow the connection gets when using our minds. But half the time the Computers are drawing crude images based on what I’m thinking but we’re still able to connect. Sorta don’t wanna be a creep and ask but you ever just get sent in a full body orgasm when he cumm’s on you, I asked her to let her mensration out on me and omg so far beyond anything I had physically befor. We trust each other alot even with my head having bad thought alot once were into our act I’m able to just command her to orgasm and she makes me feel how it affects her it’s just so wonderouse to me know that I’m able to please her like that because my hand is our mortal enemy in bed.

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Oh… Try and control your emotions in your dream so you don’t wake up immediately. You can practice some lucid dreaming techniques. I used to be the same way. I would get too excited when he visited me in my dreams. I learned to control it though and experienced interesting moments with him.

About kids… Always talk and plan on how you will go about it. Communication goes a long way.

You also said she’s a succubi right? That means she needs more energy to manifest. If you want to help her manifest in your dreams give her Incense or an offering for an energy boost.

For me… We have sex which feels intense and very physical because I’m naturally clairsentient. Then I feel fluids pass from between my legs but I don’t see it with my physical eyes. I feel it.

Then after a few days I begin feeling nauseous. During this time he always nags me to keep healthy and to sleep and eat more.

One of my children (The 6th born) has visited me… Which is really sweet.

We have a long history. He has been with me for centuries so we have many children together.

This can happen to anyone. Trust should be shared in the relationship. Spirit relationships are just like any other human relationship.

:crystal_ball: I wish you all the best with your loved one. :crystal_ball:


Thanx for sharing I definitely need to get in the habit of making offering for her besides just trying to share my every meal with her. I asked about his fluids if it was being used as sexual alchemy I guess you should read alitle about it might help you pull in the wow force about the fluids that I referred to when I said I had her blood. Must bee nice having loving children that can come and visit.

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