I want to have a loving succubus

Hello everyone, I’m new here. I want to have a succubus with me, who would not have me just or having my energy, but would love me, and I would love her too. Someone who wants to be with me. I’m writing this topic with hopes of getting help =] I really want one, and spend lots of time with her, and love her.
Have a good day!
Edit: And I don’t know how to start… I don’t think I have my chakras aligned and my 3rd eye isn’t open. I’m interested in doing these, but later some time

First and foremost, click on the link below and introduce yourself:

Secondly, take a look at my thread of how to get a succubus:

But do some research first, either in here or on the “big bad web”, and then try it out.


Can you directly message me if you are free? =]


If you intend to use Magick as a short cut to getting a root – either with a Succubus or a woman – that’s like using a Flying Carpet to deliver pizza.

  1. Learn how to search these forums.

  2. Study and practice banishing…anyway there’s stuff about that in these forums.

  3. Perform the Black& White Mirror – search.

  4. Naamah. Learn Her evocation. Deliver Her evocation to Her with film star passion. And keep your promise. Always keep your promises.


  1. Yup i believe i know =]
  2. Ill look into it.
  3. I couldnt find anything much related to that term, idk what im meant to find
  4. Can you message me please? Is she someone like Lilith? idk

See the magnifying glass at the top?



Search Succubus
Search banishing

Search the New Magician category.
There are LITERALLY hundreds of resources for you to figure this out yourself without us PM’ing you and handholding. We don’t do that. The resident succubus expert gave you your biggest lead:


Again: :mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag::mag:


Fifty plus results for Namaah!


Fifty plus results for mirror.


okay, thank you =] sorry for me being noob ^^
so i searched “black and white mirror” and i think Uncle AI meant about

need to read it

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Yeah but… i thought my letter was going to go for Lilith :confused:

What more do you wanna know, really? You either do the ritual, or not. There’s always people asking thousands of questions about succubus/incubus entities, as well as other spirits, but what differences will it make? Do you want satisfying answers? A comforting push forward? Satisfaction guaranteed? You know what? I can’t give you that. All I can give is direction on how to get a succubus. The rest is all up to you.

If you want to know about the succubus experience, read my threads and posts in here or in my blog. That should be enough for you to take the leap forward with your own succubus.


I see…
I have some questions about your post

  1. i can speak from thoughts, right? like simply think of it with intention

  2. image
    30 minutes? what if i got a small candle that lasts around 10 minutes? (not joking, rli)

  3. How much should i write in the letter? Can i make it even 2 pages long? will Lilith read that all herself?

This much =] thank you for ur help =]

@succupedia perhaps you can elaborate. I gotta go get groceries.

Look, OP, if you’re wanting to become a living god, it’s not going to happen just by fekking a succubus. It takes so much more!

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I know… But i need some time for that. For now, I want a succubus by my side. I want to be a living god too like what yall think of, but i want to do all these things later. but for some time i just want a succubus

Sure, you can phrase it with your thoughts.

You can make it long or short. But the longer the letter is, the longer it will take to find a compatible succubus for you. There’s a few guys that have written 10 pages or more in their letter, so there’s no actual limit there. I would suggest you just cover the basics and leave enough room for the succubus to being able to develop by her own.


okay, thank you
and about my 2nd question?
also, what do i do after i burn the letter and saying what things u said…
when my letter is fully burnt, what do i do? wait for like 15 mins? or till the candle goes down by itself? and what to do with its ashes? throw it away normally? (im planning to do it tonight =] )

You just use the candle you have, whether it lasts for 30 minutes or 10 minutes. I’ve never heard of candle that lasts for 10 minutes, though.

These questions raises a lot of questions in itself:

Is my interpretation of the Letter Of Intent lacking in details, or is it enough spaces between the lines to add your own stuff with it? You’re not assembling a furniture from IKEA, are you?

What is the most reasonable thing to do when burning a letter? You either let it scatter in the wind or let it burn in an ashtray or bowl and throw the ashes afterwards.

Your INTENTIONS, your wants and needs are the real “tool” here, not the ritual. You can do this in opposite ways and still get the same results from it. Even if it says 3 AM, you could do it in broad daylight and still experience a succubus visitation once you go to bed at night. You’re message gets delivered through your intentions, rather than by the ritual itself. It’s just a preporatory purpose, like most rituals are.

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didnt understand that one…
and i dont want to do the ritual with the candle. I want to send my message to Lilith without any ritual, but just my intentions. But I do not know how much intention i have. I really want it, but i do not know if i should just write a letter and read it with feelings and intentions, idk… also could someone block my messages from reaching Lilith? like my spirit guide or someone else?

also someone at
If using a candle is not practicable for you, there is another way. The middle fingers are called the Fire Fingers.
Hold your middle fingers up (the other fingers can be up as well, their position is not important) and say “By the flame of my Fire Fingers, the following words are consumed by fire”. Then speak the letter.

i was referred to that website by someone on discord before i came here