I need help with this dream. or entity

I’m looking for help from really any source I can so I just had this lucid dream. where I’m in my what looked like my room and out of the corner of my eye I see a mirror and I moved my arm and I slightly see white lace and I look in the mirror to see myself dressed in white lace curly hair and my face was white and eyes were cloudy and then I looked closer and my face changed into this creater where my third eye was all red and big shaped like a football the face was swollen it looked like a fat clown then the eyes had exes like and alien or reptilian and as soon as I started to say you have no permission and I cast you out the eyes rolled back so I couldn’t say that to myself. and I woke up and have a nasty headache. I havent felt myself for a few days been very angry and depressed and suicidal and idk how to describe it honestly. any suggestions any help is appreciated I didn’t invoke a spirit or anything

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