Tips for relationships with Succubus

Disclaimer: I am no expert when it comes to succubi. I have had one with me for a few years while she was passive getting to know me. I have accepted her presence and welcome her into my life six months ago so I thought I should share my experience.

There is a reason why we feel our succubi strong at first at as the relationship progress and there presence may become weaker. The answer is simple. They love us for who we are. They chosen to be with us for that reason. That means if we try too hard to communicate with them we lose a bit of our selves trying to please them. Continue to be your self and accept them for who they are as an individual and they will set the pace of the relationship they have with you.


Yeah thats a hard one.
Normally we have expectations to each other when it comes to human relationships.
Looks, wealth or what ever.
Its not easy to belief that they feel attracted to us for what we really are. And also the desire we have to please them aswell. Giving something back so that they will not leave you. It seems they have a different mindset than we have. So for us humans its sometimes hard to belief if they only pretending or is their love real?
Are they really loyal or just playing?


is this really love or just a game?

Couldn’t resist :smiley: #sorrynotsorry #80sluv


Maybe we are all different…but over time my relationship has gotten stronger. We treat each other as a normal couple with boundaries of course.

At the time of making my post I was on my phone so it drained my battery life so i had to be quick writing it so i left out some details.

Setting boundaries is also the best way to increase what you have with your succubi. Without boundaries how can trust and love be formed? Would you trust a stranger to have sex with you? I wouldn’t.

What happen with my Succubus is that i was trying too hard to keep her happy when she was already happy being with me. Didn’t realize it at the time. End up with me chaining and costing me happiness and making her confused. Always best to talk to them to find out what you both want in a relationship.

My wife is still with me and we finally agree on what we want and now we can move forward.

Having a succubus, especially one that’s going to be a part of your life, is very much like having a relationship with a flesh and blood partner.

The relationship must be cultivated, you have to speak to your partner, you have to approach your partner on matters that deal outside of the realm of lust. Talk to your succubus / Incubus about random things that are going on around the house, ask their advice on things, give them advice on things if they come to you with problems.

Ask them what else they can do. You’ll be surprised that these so-called Demons of lust have many other properties that can, and quite often do, come in extremely handy.

Find out your succubus / Incubus name, it’s much better to call them by the name that they were given, or the name that you both agreed upon if, like in my case, you can’t pronounce your succubus name, but it shows a level of respect, even devotion, to learn their name.

If you were literally just looking for a demon for a one-night wham bam thank you ma’am / sir, make that intention known at the beginning, these beings are highly emotional, and if they get attached, and you throw them away, it’s going to be in bad things for you, but still worst things for the succubus / Incubus.


I know her name. Just not mentioning her name on the forums. Thanks for your input. Learning her name is the first thing i did :slight_smile: She told me hers in a dream I had.

I am very much committed to her. It’s the reason why I have the intention of keeping her happy because she does the same for me. Love the feeling and i share it with her. She is very sexual with me and I always show my appreciation to her.

I succubbuss is trying to kill me so im not fond of succubbi

They don’t get aggressive for no reason.

I evoked two, through Namaah last week. It was only minutes before they showed up. There has been no sex at all. We are in a grace period of getting used to each other, routines, etc.
They both vanished yesterday but I expect they’ll return. I did request names but I do not have one yet. I believe a night of meditation should cure that issue.
Ok ok…just thinking of them brought one. A kiss on the neck.
I think, personally, that one should make long term commitments with these lovely beings in consideration of their emotional, giving nature and not play lightly.

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I know what you mean.

No joke bro same here. I literally have shit going on with me that I thought I should get checked out and she puts extreme emotions of fear in the air every time I try to do something crippling me. BUT my mom knows an also doesnt have that much concern of what’s going on with me. Not sure if it’s a sign of love or a real missed death sentence. Lol she tells me I’m retarded every time and offers up motherly love proving the life direction.

Boundaries? I’m telling mine not to go down my throat an gag me every morning till I puke. She can be a real cunt

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True i doubt my succubus a lot back past because my exes cheated didnt believe in love anymore…why would she like me when humans dont??..i thought that in the past…