Spirits that enjoy "evil" and mischief

Can someone tells me if there is and if so what are the best spirits (gods, demons, whatever) that like evil and mischief actions.(Beside Loki who is the god of mischief, so). That would help you even if you wanted to course/hurt someone innocent, that you just don’t like but didn’t do nothing to you?
Let say that would help you even if you do bad/evil things and is unscrupulous.
Would be dangerous working with those kind of being? Would they ask for extreme things?

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Form the Ars Goetia: Agares, Aim, Andras, Asmoday, Astaroth, Belial, Focalor, Glasya-Labolas, Leraje, Murmur, Raum, Sabnock, Vepap, Zagan.

From the Book of Azazel: Dra’talon

From Kingdoms of Flame: Adakamon, Centamot, Disodioria, Gorka, Hekltor, Heptomaltor, Keltar, Methsan,Tanazal.

From the Simon Necronomicon: Agilma, the Akhkharu, Humwawa, the Lalassu and Lalartu, Pazuzu, Zahrim, Zahgurim.

And of course many, many more. Now to be fair a lot are just completely indifferent to any concept of good and evil and the reasons why they are summoned but several are quite malevolent, but then again if one loves what they do for a living it just makes them better at it. :man_shrugging:

The only real danger is a magician constantly surrounding themselves with baneful spirits all the time runs the risk of becoming very sadistic and unbalanced.

The truly evil ones are only after the suffering and death of others so they ask for nothing but that, in fact most Grimoires will tell you don’t not call on this demon or that demon unless it’s to torture and kill someone.


I like your attitude and I personally consider everyone I dislike a valid target if I feel like it, no innocents in my books.

My personal suggestions are Sorath, Ahriman (and his legions), most Qliphothic demons. I also agree with the list Charles9 gave you. You can’t go wrong with any of these. Necromancy and the dead are also a good option. You can also go via a different type of work where you can create and employ servitors for destructive purposes or you use your own vampiric techniques on someone.

You can also find at least one or more deities or spirits who revel in destructive work in just about any religion. Reading books on world mythologies can help with that, some of those deities and spirits haven’t been summoned in a long time, they love attention and offerings you can give them.


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Any Spirit can be this way.
Aphrodite could destroy your world lol.

As for good or evil deeds, it depends on what they feel you should or shouldn’t be doing. There are definetly a few (Andres) that could be dangerous.

I will say Loki isn’t evil. He is more of a truth revealer, he just does it in ways that can be embarrassing to the target.


Hi Alita, can you tell me which book or where I can find more information about Loki and how to summon him? Thank you.

Try Mythology books for info but remember they are a lot of metaphors and i had him come to be but you can call him, Loki doesn’t really have any sigils.

Thank you Alita. :+1:t4: