Possible possession?

I’ve heard its possible to push others out But would someome possibly know steps I can take to possess someone temporarily or permanently? For awhile. I’ve been having this strong pull to possess someone and it’s highly strong I even had a dream I was possessing this person too

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You have been a member for 4 days now and still have not done what is required.

I believe some of Michael W. Ford works give techniques on that, then it would all depend on how good you are at soul traveling and whose will is stronger.

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Hmm okay do you recommend any specific book from him ?also I have attempted to try and possess this person all I’ll say is she is a friend

There’s a Chinese technique that uses poisons/drugs to break the will, captures the soul, and replaces it with a bound spirit… like from a cemetery. Similar to in Haiti, but the bukor uses puffer fish to kill then revive the body to make a slave.

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The Vampire Gate - The vampyre Magick
The Book of the Witch Moon
Liber HVHI
Gates of Dozak

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Thanks I’ll Definetly check those out , Also I have kind of a small update.
It wasn’t much but 2 days ago i had this unexplainable strong pull to possess my friend it was like I have to possess her But for the life of me I didn’t know why The pull was so strong and I didn’t possess her that I know of

Gates of dozek is the only one not on pdf