Memory Erasure Spell

Here is a Rite to erase any desired memories from a person including yourself.

Items needed

• A Black Skull Candle

• Your Will

• Name of Person

The Rite

Cleanse the Skull Candle and charge it with your Will and Power. Hold it in you left hand and vizualize the Skull being the mind and brain of the person.

State the Memories you wish to have erased from the person, and then light the candle. As the fire burns the wick, see the memories burned out your target.

Blow out the candle, stating it is done.

Your target will progressively lose memory of what you desire them to lose memory of. Like magical Alzheimer’s :smiling_imp:

Draw the sigil of Gra’tahl’ion (from the book of Azazel) on the bottom of the Skull Candle, open the sigil, state your desire, and then light the candle thus empowering the spirit.


Does this work with a regular black candle as well?

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It does and will
Albeit it’ll be more agressive


Thank you, Micah! Will I have to repeat this spell more than once for it to fully manifest?


Depends on how much power you put into it :ok_hand:

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Where can I even get a black skull candle

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During Halloween season :joy::joy::joy:


I see… Would it be possible for you to post the sigil of Gra’tahl’ion?


I was asking myself the same question, lol. Found black scull candles on Amazon…tiny ones, though :shushing_face:


Any witch shop online, prob. Here’s one.

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Sorry for the dumb question but, how do I cleanse the candle and charge it with my will and power?


Hiya! I have some additional power sources to recommend for this ritual. Immortal Jellyfish are particularly good at ‘restarts’, and since the brain is an electrical organ, any lightning or storm deities could be rallied to action. Fog is also really ‘slippy’, and beings that rule blades and combat can target sections of a person. There’s lots of ways you can empower a spell like this! :slight_smile:

Can this also work on yourself, the practitioner, like if you wanna erase a traumatic memory that keeps haunting you?

One of the items needed is the name of the person and I checked the Rite thoroughly(i think) and I would like to ask what will I’m gonna do with the name? Should i carved it in the candle? Write it in a piece of paper and burn it?

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