Pact with satan

Hello i am hocine and i want to know how about to make a pact with satan step by step and with every detail because i wrote a letter and signed it with my blood but that did not give a result so what should i do to make that pact go good .

First of all build a relationship. Although these things may not seem so but they will impact you for the rest of your life. They will be around even after the timeframe of such pact. Hell even more so if it’s the life pact. Seek Divination. Find out if he wants to make a pact with you in the first place.


In addition to what said, here’s a tip: don’t offer your soul.

Demons, angels etc. don’t claim souls in pacts. While they like taking care of souls, souls have zero value in the possession of anyone save for the person it belongs to. It’s like giving someone a car but without the keys. Best case scenario, they’ll just tell you no. Worst case scenario, they’ll be a little annoyed, because I’m sure that a lot newcomers come in offering their souls and they have to explain over and over that they don’t do that.


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about selling your soul >>>>>>
agreed - NEVER EVER indeed do anything in exchange for your soul, interdimensionally, this self-disrespect will otherwise be reflected back into your experience field which ends up in things that make you want wish you never made that pact…; it’s for your own good though that that happens, so you would undo that way of doing things. Generally illuminati celebrities are ones that made pacts like that and they, even though they in reality have a choice of ending it before they end up dead, they generally have no clue how to undo it, the selling of their souls, and that’s where they generally ultimately end up dead…and anything towards a self-degrading direction…;

Not that pacts don’t work, they do work- but you’re generally getting prepared for the path before the effects are fully directly noticable -

Also, you do not need to give anything in return, except for doing your best to do what you can to live up to your own pact if it implies, you being given the power to, and so on…;
if you do it for a better position in life…;

never either do it in exchange for doing evil…
in fact satan doesn’t want you to be evil for the sake of being evil, he wants you to believe in yourself as an individual, and make the best from your life, including ascending, awakening to your true potential as a living god.

An agreement can be acquired in the name of the I AM-presence,
as cooperating with any being or getting anything done.

Do you have a universal or solomonic circle?
Or neither of these?



hehe I wonder darkest knight, technically, how do you come to know
if someone is new, posts and hasn’t introduced themselves yet? :slight_smile:
Do you see it on your screen somewhere, who’s fully new with 1 post, and then check what that post is? :slight_smile: (wondering how the machinery works) :slight_smile:


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl: I always ask myself that .


Simply looking at the profile will usually reveal that.


Not to sound like a dick but before you go signing your name in blood make sure the entity actually takes an interest in you and likes you. It’s insulting to assume you know what they want and expect them to leap at the chance to be of service to you.

Pick one you’re drawn to. Learn about them. Leave an offering and speak to them. And go from there.


Magick maybe…:grinning::grinning:… kidding