Contacted Buer last night, experiences with him?

First off, looks like I’m spamming the forums but I just have had a lot to talk about so far.

From what I’ve read Buer is very kind. I have a mental issue (phobia that is so bad it manifests nearly as an illness itself, and it is also a germphobia) Do you think He would be willing to help with that?

I initiated first contact with Him a few nights ago, He was VERY responsive with the candle. I do want to begin working with Him, but I am not the type to pray to him and not give back. I’ve read He does things out of His own kindness but I am not one to take. I’d like to give Him offerings considering if He can fix my phobia He can improve my life tenfold. So that would be a VERY big deal to me.

Any experiences with Buer you’d like to share?


Not sure if bumping is against the rules but more are online now so!

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No, bumping threads is not against the rules. We do it all the time :slight_smile:

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Erato on ca Buer anon

The only enn I’ve imprinted into my brain.

At times Buer can make “old squeaks” my bike, work well. I miss big red but her pedal crank is broken.

Buer imho is a great start to a chained team of spirits. And I don’t mean shackled but channeled energy in a cascading chain of empowerment. For me it’d be Buer, Focolar, AIM, Murmur to name a few but I see ALL of them and others not mentioned having great value as trusted allies.

That’s when I’m not in my moody self destructive confrontational mood to get sucked up by the void.


Thank you!


I called Buer as part of the 72 challenge, but he was one of the ones who did not connect strongly with me so there is nothing noteworthy in my notes :confused:

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Was he very unresponsive towards you or was not there at all?

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Unresponsive… the incense moved in odd ways indicating a presence but nothing more… i have found a huge difference in the different goetia, some make their presence known before I’ve even started (i guess as im working thru in a specific order they know who I’m calling next) and others arent that interested in me!


For me Buer is great for movement and versatility in any direction. I’m reluctant with Focalor as that’s removing obstacles and I like to clash with obstacles. Then again, if the gates are to be opened then I should just work that route.


I’ve had severe anxiety for as long as I can remember and during my works with him I’ve always asked him to take it away for important events like interviews and such. I haven’t asked for a cure for it since I’m trying to fix it on my own and study healings for myself (which he lends his guidance) but I have given offerings for curing others around me and boy does he give.
Another weird thing for me, though, is that he’s been around me since I can remember. Buer is a kind old soul to me for reasons unknown to me so far. I recommend his work for those truly needing help that are willing to learn from it, too (he’s quite the teacher).
So hail Buer! Let him bring you comfort and as a side note, he likes vanilla :slight_smile:


PERFECT! I have vanilla extract I can give him.


Yes, Buer came to me over 6 months ago. I believe Lucifer sent him as I was stress smoking so much with all of the stuff I had going on.
Yes, He will help and heal you and is kind and often shows himself to you in your dreams or minds eye as a elderly man with a robe on.
I connected with Him as I am a Sagittarius too. I think you should definitely find him helpful if you work with him and he is great for healing


I literally only buy him crushed vanilla or vanilla grounds, the day I learned of it was when I had an absolute projection of meeting him in a warm cabin on a snowy forested mountain full of books, much like an old study. Upon asking what he did there, I just received the image of him reading and sipping tea or coffee. Which he liked to brew with vanilla for flavor. Since you can put vanilla grounds with coffee grounds when brewing, I’ve only been buying that and burning it in front of my alter for him.


I have some experiences with Buer, as he/she was actually the first demon I approached (I saw she because Buer appeared and still appears to me as female). I have called Buer to aid in providing comfort and healing to both myself and my family when we have been stricken by sickness (while still getting help from modern medicine). I draw Buer’s sigil on an Ace of Hearts playing card, activate it with my blood and breath, and hold in my hands while making the petition. I then place it under the pillow of who is suffering and Buer has seemed to provide the peace needed for good rest with the individual feeling much better the next day. He helped ,e out a lot when I cracked a tooth and couldn’t sleep the day before going to the dentist. While one definitely has to do their own work to get better, Buer has proven to be an excellent ally to have and I will have to get some vanilla.


It’s really great to read about these experiences from different people and still find similarities. Positive confirmation, indeed. :slight_smile:

Anyway, Buer is definitely an excellent spirit. I haven’t worked with him yet, but we’ve interacted a few times already. He immediately came to me when I felt a pull to draw him in my journal last year. And like the other poster here mentioned, I did see him as the type to sip tea, reading books by himself and all! I saw him in a garden though. So I ended up drawing him as reading a book under the shade of a huge tree, with a pile of books and two (pet) animals cozying up beside him. I also felt randomly inspired to write funny but factual captions about him at the back of my drawing after, replacing the lyrics of a popular song’s chorus. It’s embarrassing, but it went like this:

to the tune of Mambo No. 5
A little bit of flora in my life
A little bit of fauna by my side
A little bit of moral philosophy
And also natural philosophy
A little bit of Logic Art in the sun
A little bit of herbals all night long
A little bit of medicine here I am
A little bit of you makes me your Buer

I sang it aloud, apologized repeatedly to Buer for even getting such an idea from god-knows-where and was determined to throw it away for good when I felt his presence. And I shit you not, he actually loved the crappy drawing and the mini-song. I was slack-jawed because he was laughing good-naturedly and even had me singing it repeatedly, when I was very convinced the whole thing was rude. To say that we got along right off the bat was an understatement.

Ever since that day, he’d come every now and then just to say hello and stuff. I consider him a dear friend I won’t hesitate to work with should the need arise. His energy is very intellectual and jovial Sagittarius to me. I agree that he is strongly responsive and easy to call on, talk to, etc. He likes popping up during my divination sessions about other spirits too. He makes me feel at ease and cheerier than usual. At times, his personality reminds me of the ideal older brother I wish I had when I was younger, so maybe that’s why I’m just so fond of him. :blush:

About the vanilla bit, I did see him eyeing my vanilla-flavored/filled Oreo softcakes. Prior to knowing that, I remember randomly thinking of him whenever I eat it or suddenly spacing out and staring at the words, “vanilla” on said softcake’s wrapping. When I saw this forum back in my lurker days, it made me laugh aloud. I could swear I saw Buer was laughing with me too… along with emphasized imageries of the softcakes, of course.


i had very well expiriences with president buer,deeply respected for me.


President buer is a great spirit to work with for bodily disease. About mental disorders i really dont know. For evoking him stop useing drugs smokes from afew days before ritual . Hi is spirit of health and any toxic substance in your body is a barrier to work with him.


Great ritual! Sounds excellent


No tengo conocimientos avanzados del idioma ingles, así que tuve que traducir cada comentario que me pareció relevante y al leer cada uno debo escribir que estoy asombrado. Tome nota, he aprendido mucho mas. Gracias, gracias, gracias comunidad!

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