Love Rituals

I have hired a few spell casters for love spells from BALG, seen no results yet. Do you think I should request EA Koetting to cast a love spell? Do you think the spell will enhance the love spells I have already in place?

How long has it been since the last spell was done? If you used multiple casters, that indicates you didn’t have enough trust in the first one to allow it to manifest. Also, if you get different people working on the same thing the spells could interfere with each other.

More importantly, hiring someone else isn’t really optimal. The spell won’t be as powerful as one made from your own desire and the intentions of what you yourself want.


Hi, it’s nearly been 6months. I know EA Koetting has a discount on his rituals right now. I won’t be able to perform the ritual myself.

Unfortunately there is no way of speaking to someone from BALG until you pay for a ritual, which is disappointing.

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There is a wise proverb in my country. “The wolf has a thick neck, because he solves his problems by himself.” This is very true especially for this industry. IMHO. You can hire many people but … Even a golden pussy I do not think is worth it. My advice is to save money and learn to do your own things. There are many other women. Keep in mind there are no people in this field who can guarantee an effect. If someone guarantees effect that means he just wants to cheat on you and to take your money for nothing. If you succeed in half of your practices, that means you are good. :slight_smile:

Spells take time to manifest. It doesn’t matter how many spells you cast. Lusting for results will create more resistance and potentially cause them to fail. Once you learn to detach, the spells will take effect.


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I think you should find a neutral party to do a tarot reading and find out what might be holding up the spells. There are a lot of variables involved in love spells, especially if you targeted a specific person who could be fighting the magick.

Thank you all for your advice. I have been waiting extremely patiently for the spell to manifest but no joy.

Why can’t we speak to BALG sorcerers before we pay for the ritual? So they know all our circumstances.

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I am curious. How old are you?

Technically you could on the form. Also they do a lot more than ritual, they are writers, they have families, and get a lot of clientel for many things. BALG is only one of their endeavors plus they rather you learn to do it yourself from their books and courses. Plus consulting is a business which they give you the ability to do so before hand. Love spells are effective yet also very easy to be stopped. As someone who does them, any doubt can make them fail in a snap.