Is this a Pazuzu statue?

Husband pulled this from the Hudson River today. At first I thought was maybe a vodou or Santeria fetish. Someone pointed out similarities to Pazuzu. Hands, feet, genitals, and possibly tail and/or wings snapped off. But both arms are down, unlike every other representation of Pazuzu. Maybe used for binding ritual? I have a video also which shows the back but I could not upload it here.
Also seeking advice on how to return this to the river without retaining residual energy.


Close up of face

Screenshot from video of back

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your post on reddit got 99 replies.
surely one of them has the answer.


They don’t. Everyone just says it’s freaky, throw it back. I can’t figure if it’s Pazuzu or an effigy in the practice of palo mayombe.

Arm placement is odd. What’s it made of? Feet look broke as well. See Baal, baphamet and pazuzu stats


Closer to say a Haitian voodoo type stat

Ir egyptian

Most i see are pazuzu, this seems different or artist just couldn’t make the proper arms. Poor thing lost in the river.

Oh heres arms similar


I don’t know but whoever it is, it is really interesting. I would keep it.