Azazel so far(experience sharing, talk about him)

My best guess is that they used to sent a goat out representing the sins of the people.And the goats went to him. The origin of the word scapegoat. I think that might be why he’s associated with goats. I always get the vibe from him like a lot of the things that are associated with him were placed on him. As opposed to other spirits that feel like they have specific forms they have taken on purpose.


Since Azazel hangs out with you a lot can you ask him what he thinks about me?
honestly, I’m just curious that’s all,

Well he told me you need to work more, but i don t know if it s something specific you need to work on or that you need to work more in general.

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What do I need to work on according to Azazel
Sorry to nag.

I ll be honest with you, in my experience most demons like to play games with me: such as riddle me this, therefore i mostly cant get a straight awnser regarding any matter. But he did say that you desire something badly. You know how to make it happen and can make it happen you just have to work harder for it. I have no idea what he s talking about, but i personally get the feeling it might be something regarding social matters. That s just my feeling tho and i may be completely wrong. Good luck trying to figure out what he s talking about. If you find out and it s not too personal i d be glad if you could share it.

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I’ve been wanting to learn evocation so I can proceed with my ascension,
but I feel conflicted because my communicative skills with spirits aren’t at the level where i can converse with spirits fluidly.

Can you ask Azazel if it’s okay to evoke him although I can’t exactly communicate properly and that if he and I can work on my Astral senses?
My apologies if I’m getting annoying I just wanna develop my senses so I can Evoke and communicate with the spirits.


He didnt awnser that. I think because there s like
… not a whole bunch he can do regarding that? Evocation is about your spiritual senses, i dont even know if anything can force them out of you. I guess you can try to evoke him and ask him yourself but i doubt anything will happen. You need to unlock your senses yourself.

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Alright, thanks.

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I’d sugest making a thread asking for meditations and techniques for opening the third eye, i m sure people will have some great resources.

Just do it and do it and do it!!! Evoke, Scry, Meditate, Divine, etc. and do it, and do it and do it and do it!!!

Over and over and over and over again and again and again and again!!!

That is Literally what it takes to become a TRUE MASTER!!!


Interesting…lol, he requeste dthat i stop smoking and that he would help me.

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How did you evoke demons for the very first time??I mean by using sigils and candle or simply in mind?..And one thing can you ask lord Azazel if incense is necessary while evoking…? Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you can ask Azazel about his opinion on other people, would it be possible to ask him about me?
I’ve signed up for the Sword of Azazel ritual on the 21st and I’m curious to see what he says

My first contact with a demon was more like me making a stupid decision at the time as i ve worked with angels beforehand. I was with a guy that later became a very good friend of mine and lately a piece of shit that i have nothing to do with anymore. Simply put, he was a satanist at the time, he was trying to evoke Orobas into the flat we were in but Oro would just not enter. I decided to tell Orobas he can enter the house through me just so he s sure i mean no harm or funny buiseness. He did, after 10 minjtes the guy that summoned him said someone wants to talk to me. We proceeded to the living room and there i had a very unpleasant conversation with something that to this day i have no idea who or what it was. After this, things kicked off,and i started evoking Vassago as i read that he s friendly to beginners. We didn t really connect that much so I ended up working extensively with Haures just randomly and we get along pretty well. At first i used colored candles and incense but now after about 4 years of demon dealing + the prior experience with angels i don t need them anymore for the 3 demons i basically live with now : Haures, Eldraath and Azazel. But if i were to contact a new one I would do the candles and incense again because it s courteous. As for incense, anything that smells nice should do the work. Azazel never cared about the semantics, he likes to get shit done, at least with me. So my advice would be : if you plan to summon Azazel, for the first summon at least go classic. Candle, incense, maybe some music and his chant. Sorry for the late response but i m not really active on this forum anymore.

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I m sorry but i m not doing that anymore. At least not for now.

that’s fine, i guess i’ll find out for myself soon enough

Thank you so much😄 Can you tell lord Azazel that I will be the first one to summon him in my country lol.

What does Azazel like as an offering?

Question: In Lore, Azazel was originally an Angel, who was cast out for teaching ment the art of warfare etc, And women Art of deception and Witchcraft.
Archangel Raphael, At Yaweh’s command, Bounded him hand and foot, And Chained him to the rocks of Dudael, where he was to reside in utter darkness until judgement day where he would then be cast into the fire and consumed forever.
Now after the fall of Angel’s and before the flood he was one of the leaders of the “Rebellious Watchers” that’s when he was mainly teaching men about warfare and women witchcraft.

Anyways back to my Question, I mean no disrespect to Azazel, This is just what I’ve ready about him.
I’ve been told from a friend that Azazel would be worth evoking to help me. How is it Possible to Evoke Azazel if he’s Trapped for all eternity? Or Any other Fsllen Angel or Demon who may also have a similar lore or be trapped. Lucifer for example or Ibliz is supposedly locked in a cage in hell, and I’m sure there are others, Yet people Claim to have successfully evoked them.
I would love if it were true and I could make an attempt at evoking Azazel and asking for his guidance, But how is it possible to evoke one, whom’s trapped and bounded by godly powers?

I’m 100% open minded and I mean no disrespect to anyone or anything, But I’m genuinely curious, and trying to gain more knowledge on the subject, if anyone cares to reply It would be much appreciated and would enjoy a civil conversation on the matter, Thanks.

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