Could bodybuilding or workout stimulants cause any kind of blockage?

Hi, could workout or bodybuilding stimulants cause a blockage to work with spirits, either invoking or communication with them? I have read the topic about caffeine and decided to post this for possible answers. Thanks Chuck

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I do workout and Lucifer totally suports this. He say that I must keep a health body to keep a health mind. Not that every magician must do workout but in my case for example I was very sedentary so I do workout just to keep health ya know.
So as far as I know, workout can actually helps you in the spiritual matter. Cause make you health. Of course nothing too much.
Caffeine can be quite harmful for anybody, specifically too much of it, anything addictive is kind of harmful, I guess.


I keep my stims around my training window, and do any ritual work much later in the evening.

I find this works for me. I keep a clear head during ritual work and meditation. I dont like the jitters.

Again, this is my preference. You may be different.

He says the same thing to me. Eat better, work out every now and then, take care of myself.

Gives this whole “Can’t be better if you don’t try to do better.” thing.

As for the post,

depends on who your trying to call exactly. Like Belial is known to hate addictions and, atleast in my case, refuses to work with me until I get past it.

Please introduce yourself. But I think itll do the opposite.

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